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Keen H2 Newport and H2 Rialto Hiking Sandals

This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links. The opinions expressed here are ours, however, we will receive a small commission if you decide to use our links to purchase the Keen Men’s H2 Rialto Sandal or the Keen Women’s H2 Newport Sandal.

Almost immediately after starting our adventure, we realized that we were going to need some new hiking shoes since we were just wearing regular walking shoes and they did not stand up well in the different terrains we hike. After doing all of our research, we decided that we wanted to get something that was waterproof, but also light enough to not weigh us down. We decided to go with the Keen H2 line of hiking sandals. Specifically, Aaron picked out the Keen Men’s H2 Rialto Sandal while Hayden went with the Keen Women’s H2 Newport Sandal.

The waterproof capabilities immediately came in handy shortly after we purchased them when we went on the West Fork Hike in Sedona, AZ. They allowed us to continue beyond the end of the trail and get to places that many people were not able to go because it involved wading knee deep through the stream. Not only that, but that particular hike has 13 stream crossings and it was a lot easier to not hop from rock to rock and instead walk right through the stream to get to the other side. Lulu absolutely loves it when we take this kind of route because she also gets to go romping through the water.


See our Keens in action on the West Fork Hike

One thing that definitely took some getting used to for us were the fit of the sandals. We both ended up getting some pretty decent sized blisters because we are used to wearing either shoes or regular sandals and not ones that have additional straps that wrap around the back of our heel. These have since gone away and we are now able to wear them on hikes without any issues. We would recommend not wearing them for the first time on an 8 mile hike where they are getting completely submerged over and over. Likely not the smartest decision on our part… 

So far, even when we are hiking steep inclines or rocky terrain, these have held up incredibly well and we haven’t had any issues with slipping. If you’re looking for a good all-terrain hiking sandal that you can run through water, we can’t recommend these enough! Bonus points, they are vegan!

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