We are Hayden and Aaron Hall and we sold everything we owned to travel the US in an RV. Our goals are to visit every state and every National Park before we head south into Mexico and Central America. We love to highlight amazing outdoor adventures as well as delicious vegan food that we find. We don’t ever plan to settle down and want to see as much of the world as we can. 

One of the very first conversations we had was about tiny houses & shipping container homes, so our desire to “live tiny” has always been there. Similarly, we have both always had a strong desire and passion for travel.

In the first 2 years we were together, we had moved 3 times; from the San Juan Islands in Washington state, to Portland, Oregon, then to Austin, TX.

Turns out, it’s really expensive to keep moving so much! Hayden had a friend who was traveling in an RV with her husband and 2 kids and following their adventure was so inspiring, we thought “hey, we could do that!”

Our tipping point was a camping trip to Inks Lake State Park in Texas. While sitting around the fire, we decided we could live every day like that. Fast forward 2 months and we had sold nearly everything we owned, bought our truck and trailer and were off on our adventure!

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