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Our rig on the beach

Bolivar Peninsula, Texas

The Bolivar Peninsula is on the Gulf Coast of Texas, about an hour southeast of Houston. There is a section called the Bolivar Flats, near Crystal Beach and right next to a bird sanctuary, where the sand stretches far enough for people to camp. This place was SO amazing and it was such a trip to drive our house straight onto the beach and park.

We stopped at The Big Store to pick up our parking pass before we headed out onto the beach. It only cost $5 and is valid for an entire year. No one ever came by to check, but I would assume in the busy months there is more regulation. You can pretty much buy anything at this store; groceries, firewood, tools, grills, bathing suits, etc. It’s the one-stop shop that everyone frequents for their beach vacation needs. There are a ton of RV parks in the vicinity and their website says they have RV supplies as well, we just didn’t see any and weren’t really looking.

There are no hookups of any kind on the beach, so we were entirely dry camping here. Never having dry camped before, we weren’t sure how long our batteries would last, so we only planned on staying 2 nights. In the future, we are looking forward to setting up our rig with solar to be able to boondock for as long as possible.

We had the most AMAZING time here! I can’t recommend this place enough. At the end of January, the crowds were next to none, but I could see in the summer months this place being super crowded. The sand was more like compacted dirt, so it made driving on it very easy. Beware, the sand will get all over the inside of your rig, no matter how hard you try. We have a big piece of astroturf (classy, I know) that we put out as our “patio” and had a towel on the top step of our stairs and we still had sand everywhere. It was worth it though because the sunrise in the morning was absolutely gorgeous. Getting to look out your window and just see the beach, is breathtaking. It puts you at ease having the tranquility of the ocean right out your doorstep.

Due to our lack of electricity, we fired up the grill for every meal. In general, we tend to follow the Forks Over Knives diet as well as being mostly gluten-free, but we reset back to our old ways when we got the grill. We are working to figure out amazing veggie recipes to cook instead of processed brats and sausages, etc. Hey, we’re a work in progress! There is nothing better than sitting on the beach, eating grilled corn, watching the campfire, toasting some marshmallows, with the love of your life and fur kids (sorry for the sappiness). We did not want to leave!

We weren’t the only ones who had a blast. All the animals seemed to enjoy the change of scenery. When we unloaded the cats upon arrival, they all crowded around the screen door, wide-eyed, just staring at the ocean. I’m sure it’s hard to grasp if you’ve never seen it before! They loved all the new smells and the constant entertainment of seagulls. Lulu, the dog, had the time of her life as well. We went on a 3-4 mile walk down the beach every day and she ate up every second of it. She loves running through the water and chasing birds. However, she was not very impressed with the salt water taste, she’s only ever been to fresh water! Brienne, the chicken, really came out of her shell and paraded around that beach like she owned the place. We took her down to the water and she waded around in it and looked suspiciously at the seagulls nearby. When we first brought her out, a couple seagulls started circling overhead, as if they were wondering “what the heck is that?” Too funny. She stays nearby us and doesn’t wander far, which makes her a perfect traveling companion!

Overall, we had the best experience, would highly recommend this place to others, and would definitely return in the future.

Campsite Information

Campsite #: Parking is spread out across the beach. Park anywhere you find a spot!

Cell service: Great cell coverage

Dog-friendly: Yes! Lulu loved running around on the beach and even Brienne enjoyed strutting her stuff down by the water.

Rate: $5 gets you a sticker that is valid for an entire year.

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