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Food Trucks, Austin, Texas

We have eaten at so many amazing food trucks here in Austin. We thought we would review them all in one post, since a couple we don’t have photos for, but are definitely worth raving about!

Conscious Cravings– We ate: Blacked tofu on top of a quinoa salad w/ chimichurri. Holy moly this was delicious! More-so, everything they serve is really healthy. The flavors in this dish were amazing. The blackened tofu is Cajun-style served with lettuce, tomatoes, grilled onions, and vegan mayo. You can put it in a wrap or over a salad. We tried the quinoa salad, which is spinach, lettuce, organic quinoa, rice, organic corn, tomatoes, grilled onions, cucumbers, julienne carrots and we added chimichurri sauce. There are other really amazing options on the menu and we wish we could try them all. Definitely don’t miss this truck!

Unity Vegan Kitchen– We ate: Chickun and Waffles. We went to this truck for brunch, so we can’t speak for the other menu options. The chickun and waffles were pretty good. In the past, we have usually had chickun and waffles with syrup, so the gravy on these was different. Had a very heavy overall feeling. The chickun was fried nicely and looked/ tasted like battered and fried beyond meat strips. We are a bit spoiled with our chick’n and waffles since we frequent Vegas often and never miss the Terrace Point Cafe at the Wynn. So, in comparison, they were a letdown but were definitely worth trying. Wish we could have tried out some of the other options.

BBQ Revolution– We ate: Smoky Curls (gf), Tempeh Ribs (gf), No Bull Brisket, bacon ranch pasta salad, mac n cheeze, potato salad (gf), cole slaw (gf), BBQ baked beans & TWINKIES (gf).  Basically, we tried everything and ate here multiple times because it is just SO GOOD. Definitely one of our favorites. Their BBQ sauce is absolutely incredible and they do their “meats” really well. I think, in the end, we decided that the tempeh ribs were our favorite, but everything is well worth ordering. Also, the bacon ranch pasta salad is delicious and worth trying. Whatever you do, DON’T forget the twinkies!


Arlo’s– We ate: Bac’n cheeseburger. We have tried almost everything on the menu and we don’t recommend messing around with anything else. Everything is good, but the Bac’n cheeseburger is absolutely the best thing to order, hands down. It’s a house-made soy free & gluten free patty, stacked with house-made seitan bac’n, melted cheeze, mayo, ketchup, mustard, tomatoes, onions, pickles, & lettuce. The truck is open late and is best after having a couple of drinks.  If you’re feeling particularly hungry, you can get a double bac’n cheeseburger!


Sundaze– We ate: No Frick’n Chick’n Sandwich. This sandwich is basically a fried chick’n sandwich with pickles and ranch. The sauce and pickles are an add-on, but help to round out the flavors, so we highly recommend adding them. This truck is definitely worth checking out if you’re in SE Austin. The chick’n  is a fried seitan filet that’s battered with orange zest seasoning and pressure fried for crispiness. The fries are also pretty good, so grab an order of those as well.

Li’l Nonna’s– We ate: “Meat Out” Pizza. A pizza food truck!! We wish we had discovered this place sooner because we would have eaten here multiple times, it was that good! This is seriously some of the best vegan pizza we have ever had. The crust was absolute perfection and the cheese was housemade Almond Ricotta (soy/oil-free). The meat topping added a lot of flavor to the overall pie, which included housemade Italian seitan sausage, beeteroni (“pepperoni” made out of beets), and smoky tempeh.  It was SO delicious. They are open late, so definitely don’t miss a late night pizza sesh! 


The Vegan Nom– We ate: Brisket w/ jalapeno mac and cheese. This is Texas’ first all vegan taco truck and they have a lot of awesome looking tacos options. We ended up eating here due to their “limited Texas brisket” tacos. They were smothered in chipotle sauce and covered with jalapeno mac and cheese and boy were they incredible! We only got one taco apiece, but easily could have eaten 5 each. We wish we tried their other options, I’m sure they are equally as good. Don’t miss this place!


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