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Santa Fe, New Mexico

We were only near Santa Fe in New Mexico for a week and knew we were not going to be able to do a lot of things while we were there so we tried to pick out some activities that we knew were going to be amazing.  We ended up being able to squeeze in a vegan restaurant, a hike, and an unbelievable art installation in the short amount of time we were there.

Where we stayed

We stayed at the Cochiti Lake Campground which is located near Pena Blanca, NM.  The campground is on the Army Corps of Engineers land which is surrounded by native lands. Check out our in-depth blog detailing the amenities available there, why we chose it, and what we think about the park.

Where we ate

Given that we were only there for a week, and Aaron had to fly out of town for a day on business, we did not have much time to explore many of the vegan options that Santa Fe had to offer.  We did, however, get to eat at Thai Vegan in Santa Fe.  We had a few great dishes while we were there and left one of our business cards at the door on our way out.  We ended up getting contacted by RVegan who had seen our business card there, which is funny because that’s one of the names we considered calling this adventure when we first were putting it all together, but it was already taken!  To see what our favorite dishes were, check out our full review on Thai Vegan.

What we did

A couple minutes from the campground was the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument which we decided to hike into.  We ended up doing a 3.60-mile hike from the parking lot, all of the way to the top of the hill, back down, and around near the cave and additional tent rocks.  Having just done the Lower Antelope Canyon tour in Arizona, this didn’t have nearly the impact that it could have, but still was a worthy hike with some great views. The tent rocks are so funny looking!  It was absolutely worth doing, but note that the last portion of the hike is a challenging climb up to the top where most of the elevation change occurs.

One of the craziest things we did while we were in Santa Fe was to visit the art installation Meow Wolf.  Meow Wolf is one of those places that we really couldn’t cover in just a few sentences and photos so we wrote up a whole post about our experiences there.  We put together a whole video and series of photos for you to enjoy!

New Mexico certainly has a lot more to offer than what we experienced in the short time we were there and we look forward to coming back through in the future.

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