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Dragon King’s Daughter, Louisville, Kentucky

After running around on our bourbon tours we were looking to grab some awesome vegan food. Unfortunately, on a Sunday evening, the vegan restaurants we had in mind weren’t open. Ultimately, we did find that Dragon King’s Daughter in Louisville, Kentucky was still open and had good vegan options and some craft beers to try. Our waitress was vegan, so she pointed us in the right direction! We would absolutely go back and eat here again.

What we ordered

Fried Veggie Gyozas- Vegetable filled potstickers served with homemade spinach vinaigrette, spicy mustard, and chili oil. The gyozas themselves were actually very good, but the sauce that they came with seemed to be more about the plating than anything else.  There wasn’t a lot of flavor in the accompanying sauce, but overall they are worth ordering.

Bibimbap- Stir fried vegetables with asian BBQ sauce, egg (order without), and gochujang sauce. Served over white rice in a sizzling hot stone bowl.  We recommend that you let the rice sizzle and create a nice char before stirring it up which will help give the overall dish a nice crunchy texture.  We really enjoyed this dish and felt that all of the flavors really came to life in it.  There was a comfortable level of heat in the dish and when paired with a little soy sauce, it really mellowed out and helped develop the flavors.

Coco Caliente Roll- Spicy tofu & roasted garlic inside. Roasted red pepper & thinly sliced lime outside. Served on a fiery drizzle. WOW is this roll HOT!  Hayden didn’t even get into this roll and even Aaron thought it was pushing the boundaries of the heat level.  The initial bite doesn’t have much to it but the fiery drizzle sauce underneath builds quickly and sticks around for quite some time.  If you like spicy food, definitely check this out.

Spicy Tofu Roll- Tofu, hot sauce, and veganaise inside; avocado slices outside.  After eating the Coco Caliente Roll, this roll does not seem to pack much heat behind it which was a welcome respite.  This was Aaron’s favorite roll of the day and had quite a few really good flavors and textures.  The tofu is a bit of a weird texture when combined with the vegenaise, but doesn’t detract from the flavor of this roll.

Lobo Peludo- Tofu tempura, jalapeño, spring mix, basil, and avocado with a teriyaki drizzle.  This roll was pretty solid overall and had a nice combination of flavors.  The teriyaki sauce seemed to get a bit lost in the mix, but the addition of soy sauce kept the jalapeño flavor in check.

Avocado Tempura Roll- Avocado tempura, crushed walnuts, and mango chili sauce.  Aaron is not a huge fan of tempura rolls but generally enjoyed this one. Overall, this roll was very simple, but Hayden thought the mango chili sauce was fantastic! It was a super light and refreshing roll. 

Restaurant information

Name: Dragon King’s Daughter
Location:1126 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40204
Price: $
Cuisine: Sushi
Vegan options: Quite a few vegan options and food that can be veganized
Dress code: Casual


Current as of 6/4/2017

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