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Singing Hills RV Park, Cave City, Kentucky

After looking at Singing Hills RV Park on Google Earth, we weren’t overly excited to spend any time there. It looked like a big dirt lot. It was just for a week, so even if it was terrible, we could make do. However, we were pleasantly surprised when we pulled in and noticed everything was lush and green and we had a giant field as our next door neighbor.  

One thing we have to say about this place is that the people running the office are some of the nicest people we have ever met. They are super polite and helpful and went out of their way to explain where the local grocery stores, laundromats, and tourist locations were.  Since we were in a dry county, they even had a list of places where you could pick up alcohol or bars you could go to.  They also offer wood bundles and ice for sale right there in front of the office so it’s convenient if you need either of those.

The campsite itself was fairly flat, consisting of a pull through site covered in gravel that was easy to get level on. However, we have some issues with getting our camper fully stable when we park on gravel and we experienced that here as well. Not that this is their fault by any means, this is more something we are still trying to work out so if any of you have suggestions, we are all ears! We had access to horseshoe pits, volleyball courts, and a small lake, but unfortunately, Aaron was sick during most of the week so we didn’t get a chance to really take advantage of them.

The campground is conveniently located close to Mammoth Cave National Park, which is why we chose this campground. 

Campground information

Name: Singing Hills RV Park
Location: 4110 Mammoth Cave Road Cave City, KY 42127
Campsite: #44
Campground Notes: All of the campsites are gravel with several pull-through and back in options.
Dog-friendly: Yes, there are no specific dog runs, but they are allowed pretty much anywhere.
Rates: $185.25 / week with Escapees discount
Discounts: Escapees & Good Sam


Verizon: Our connection was decent and was our primary source of internet.
TMobile: Our connection was decent, but our Verizon connection was more stable. 
Camp wifi: They had wifi available, but we did not test it

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