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Tosha Kitchen, Hot Springs, Arkansas

One of the most disheartening things to do as vegan travelers is to pull up Happy Cow, search the area we are in, and see the dreaded “0 results found.” But that doesn’t mean we gave up hope!  As we were walking around the town, we happened to walk past a place that was advertising Indian and Pakistani food and we knew we had a chance.  Luckily for us, they had their menu taped up in the door and we saw our favorite word on any menu: Vegan.  We knew right away that we were going to eat at Tosha Kitchen.

We walked in and sat down and started looking over the menu before realizing that they had a few different options for us.  We explained to the waitress, as we always do, that we were vegan and to let us know if we mistakenly ordered something that was not vegan.  

We did find out that they were out of an awful lot of items while we were there and when we went to go back before we left for Kentucky, they were mysteriously closed.  Unfortunately, we have since learned that they have permanently closed shortly after our visit.

What we ordered

Vegetable Pakoras- Patties of potatoes & onions & traditional spices, deep-fried in chickpea batter.  Our waitress suggested we start out with these, but unfortunately, they just were not good.  They had a TON of potential, but they just came across as super soggy onion rings which were heavy on the onion, light on the potato.

Daal Tadka- Soft lentils cooked with onion, garlic, and a touch of spices.  Aaron stated, “I always forget just how great Indian food is until we are eating it” and this is one of the better dishes he’s had from an Indian restaurant.  The spice level was perfect, and the lentils and rice combo with the sauce delivered a great combination of flavors that Indian food is known for.  When paired with the naan, it elevated the dish to an even higher level.

Aloo Cholay- Potatoes and chickpeas in a tomato based curry. Hayden’s usual go-to Indian food dish is Aloo Gobi and this was very similar. The sauce was great, not too spicy. The potatoes and chickpeas offered great texture and when paired with the rice and naan, was absolutely delicious. 

We don’t eat Indian food too often, which is such a shame because it’s always so good! We’re definitely going to seek it out more often. 

Restaurant information

Name: Tosha Kitchen
Location: 610 Central Ave Hot Springs, AR, 71901 (Now closed)
Price: $
Cuisine: Indian / Pakistani
Vegan options: Vegan options
Dress code: Casual

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