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Pizza Rev, Columbus, Ohio

Aaron had to go to Columbus for a work meeting so of course, that meant an opportunity to try a different restaurant while he was there.  After doing some research into the area, he knew that grabbing some vegan pizza from Pizza Rev was going to be a great decision.  All of their pizzas are custom ordered and you choose everything from your dough, to the sauce, to each one of your toppings.  Since he had a 5 hour drive home, he grabbed one for lunch and one for the ride home.

What we ordered

Pizza #1- Double dough, spicy organic tomato sauce, vegan sausage, jalapenos, sundried tomatoes, garlic, vegan cheese.  This combination is killer!  The heat from the spicy sauce and the jalepenos really goes well with the sundried tomatoes and sausage for an incredibly well rounded pizza that is easy to devour.  This is definitely in the top 10 pizzas he’s ever had.

Pizza #2- Double dough, sweet & bold BBQ, vegan sausage, red and green onions, garlic, vegan cheese.  Hayden has really turned Aaron on to the deliciousness that is the BBQ pizza and this one delivered on every level.  Normally not a big fan of onions on pizza, but they really added a new depth of flavor that would have been missing had they not been there.  While it was extremely delicious, he definitely preferred the first pizza.

Restaurant information

Name: Pizza Rev
Location: 1607 N. High Street Columbus, OH, 43201
Price: $
Cuisine: Pizza
Vegan options: Several vegan toppings including CHEESE!
Dress code: Casual

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