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Woodland Village Mobile Home and RV Park, Portage, Indiana

Our last week with Aryanna also coincided with the week that Hayden had to fly out and give a presentation at the 2017 Animal Rights Conference out in Washington DC so we picked a place that was convenient to Chicago and Aaron’s family.  Woodland Village Mobile Home and RV Park offered us a place that had great access to the highway to get to Chicago but also to get to Aaron’s parent’s house and Aryanna’s mother’s house.

Right away when we pulled in, we had a pretty good idea of what we were getting ourselves into.  We’ve been doing this long enough now that while you can’t always judge a book by its cover, you can get an idea of the area based on some of the rigs around.  While almost all of the RVs were newer and nice, the mobile homes were, well, rather run down mobile homes.  Plus, Aaron was familiar with the Portage area and has spent time hanging out nearby so there was some history there.

The gentleman who took us to our spot and helped us back in was pleasant and very helpful.  He ensured we knew how to hook up everything and made sure we were all set before taking off.  Even though we’ve been traveling awhile now, that would be extremely helpful for someone who is brand new to living the RV lifestyle.  

The park itself doesn’t have too much in the way of amenities but it does offer full hookups.  There also is a coin operated laundromat right next to the office with about a dozen or so each of washers and dryers.  It costs $3.50/5.50 per wash and anywhere from $1/2 for the dryer depending on how long you need it to run.  One of the things that kind of shocked us, was that neither of our cell connections were very good in the area.  Immediately that first night that we arrived, we were welcomed into the neighborhood by our neighbors throwing a loud party lasting until after 2 AM.  We’re talking feeling the bass rattle our bed type of party.  Luckily it was a weekend night and we were still up, but still, this would end up being a common occurrence throughout our visit.

Our spot itself was actually not too bad.  It was where an old mobile home had stood that they had recently removed and still had the concrete runners that we were able to back our RV right onto.  This helped stabilize us better than we had been in the sand and gravel of the last few spots we were at.  We didn’t have a lot of tree cover and so during the day it did get a bit warm in our RV but temperatures were in the mid 80’s so it wasn’t completely unbearable.

Campground information

Name: Woodland Village Mobile Home and RV Park
Location: 5757 Melton Rd, Portage, IN 46368
Campsite: #415
Campground Notes: All of the campsites are old mobile home lots where the house has been removed.
Dog-friendly: Yes, there are no specific dog runs, but they are allowed pretty much anywhere.  There’s a nice area to walk dogs near the front of the park
Rates: $180.00 for 9 days plus electric.  Our electric bill was $42.10 for the 9 days we were there.


Verizon: Our connection was OK at best
TMobile: Our connection was OK at best, although it did fare a bit better than Verizon for streaming
Camp wifi: No wifi available

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