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Experiencing Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania One Bite At A Time

Coming into Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we knew there was going to be some great vegan options for us!  It didn’t hurt that we also had Hayden’s friend Leila there to help guide us towards some of the better options.

What we ate

Not only did we end up eating at 4 different restaurants in the short week we were there, but we got to interview two different restaurant owners as well!  This is something new that we’ve been wanting to do on our adventure as it helps highlight the restaurants we are visiting in the words of the owners!  We can’t wait to add more of these to our YouTube channel as we continue to explore the country.

B52 Cafe

We started out by meeting Leila for brunch shortly before B52 closed on Sunday and we were not disappointed! Everything on the menu is vegan and there were quite a few different options that we were excited to try.   You can read about all of the different food that we ate and which were our favorites in our full review of B52 Cafe.

Sugar Spell Scoops

We were super excited to try out Sugar Free Scoops as we had heard that they had black ice cream. Unfortunately, they did not have that flavor, but they did have some incredible options! We decided to let them put together some combinations and they knew exactly what they were doing!  We both had the peanut butter base with the Butterfinger toppings and whipped cream, but Hayden had some chocolate fudge on top of hers and we differed in our sprinkles.  They were serving out of the East Side Brewing Company, so we also tried some beers on tap. 

Gluten Free Goat Bakery 

Our next stop on our magical food tour of Pittsburgh took us to the Gluten Free Goat Bakery.  While not completely vegan, they do have several options available that had us interested and wanting to check them out.  Their entire shop is 100% gluten-free as well and they have tons of delicious desserts!  We got to sit down with the owner, Jeanette Harris, who went over the history of the bakery and made us several dishes for us to try.  To hear her story, learn how the name came about, and to see what Aaron thinks is one of his new favorite desserts, check out our post on Gluten Free Goat Bakery.

Onion Maiden

You can’t create a vegan heavy-metal themed restaurant and not have Aaron interested in checking it out!  Everything about this restaurant had Aaron excited like a kid in a candy store.  Each of the meals are a play on words from a band or album and all of the decor really fits the theme. We also had a chance to talk to Brooks, one of the owners, after enjoying our meal.  If you’re a fan of vegan food or metal, you have to check out our full write-up and video from Onion Maiden.

Where we stayed

We actually stayed about 45 minutes away from Pittsburgh in Keystone State Park, near a small town called Derry.  What we gave up in proximity to the city, we added in tranquility as it was a relaxing place to stay.  You can read more about Keystone State Park in our full in depth review.

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