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Four Mile Creek State Park, Youngstown, New York

We were really looking forward to visiting Niagara Falls, NY and by staying at Four Mile Creek State Park we were only 15 minutes away.  Immediately upon arrival, we knew that this park was going to be very different from the previous two parks we stayed at since there were quite a few more people.  In fact, there were over 300 total spots in the park and when we arrived, it seemed like every one of them but ours was filled up!

The park itself is fairly flat with paved roads running through the entire area.  All of the sites are back-in only and are on the grass.  Our spot was pretty level and didn’t take much to straighten out our rig once we got there, but we only had 50 amp power with no water or sewer hookups, so we were restricted to using the camp showers again, which weren’t bad.  There was also a water source next to our neighbors so we were able to easily fill up our Brita pitcher to have water on hand.

While the spots themselves aren’t much to write home about, the park itself is actually very pretty and has some incredible lake views on the northern edge.  Around the park were several willow trees and you could have literally pulled your RV underneath them in some spots, but they did not have power.  Since we do not have solar yet, we knew we couldn’t take advantage of that type of living.

Being next to Lake Ontario was a nice change of pace as it is big enough to make you feel like you’re on the coast.  With the exception of being able to see the Toronto skyline on clear days, you could stare out over the water and swear you were feeling the ocean breeze on your face.  We both love being close to water in a general sense, so this was a nice surprise.

The campground has plenty of primitive camping spots if tent camping is more of your thing and there are also options for renting a yurt to stay in.  There are multiple playgrounds for the kids, which we were not that close to this time so we didn’t get the residual noise.  There’s also a camp store on site which we never got a chance to go into, but it sold necessities such as ice, firewood, and I’m sure the requisite camp store snacks.

While it definitely wasn’t our favorite campground to stay at, the proximity to Niagara Falls and Toronto made it a very convenient place to stay.  Aaron also had to take a work trip to Buffalo which was only 45 minutes away so we were able to pack in a lot during the one week we stayed here.  We would come back here if we wanted to stay on the US side of the border but still have access to Toronto.

Campground information

Name: Four Mile Creek State Park
Location: 1055 Lake Rd, Youngstown, NY 14174
Campsite: #36
Campground Notes: All of the campsites are on grass but only have electric.  Lots of primitive sites and a few yurts available as well
Dog-friendly: Yes, there are no specific dog runs, but they are allowed pretty much anywhere.
Rates: $220 per week


Verizon: Our connection was decent on both download and upload. Speed test showed 2.64 Mbps download and 3.59 Mbps upload.  This was our primary source of internet while we were here
TMobile: Our connection was not good and we resorted to even putting our phones on our Verizon wifi. Speed test showed 2.65 Mbps download and 0.117 Mbps upload
Camp wifi: None available.

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