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Keystone State Park, Derry, Pennsylvania

After the breath of fresh air that was West Branch State Park, we continued our journey eastward and landed in Keystone State Park near Derry, Pennsylvania.  This park was also beautiful in its own right, but the spot we were in was much smaller than the spot we were coming from and the entire area was so saturated with water that it turned into a mud pit.  We also had an issue with our electric where the 50 amp hookup was not working but luckily we had our 50 amp to 30 amp adapter and so we just plugged into that instead. 

If you’re using your GPS, it will actually take you past the first entrance and sets your destination basically as the middle of the road.  However, if you continue on about a half mile to a mile past that, you’ll come across the secondary entrance which was much quicker to get to our campsite than the main entrance.  There was no staff on duty throughout our time at the park so they just have you read the posted rules on the board and continue on to your site.  They are available via phone if you do have any sort of questions or emergencies and there are several camp hosts available throughout the campground as well.

Nearby there is a lake that has a boat ramp and a beach that is publicly available, however, we did not get a chance to launch our kayaks while we were staying there, mostly because of lack of time.  There are a ton of fishermen both on the shore as well as on boats so that’s a thing there too.  

There were 2 sections of the campground and the one that we weren’t in, had lakeside campsites, which looked awesome. You can also rent cabins and yurts here as well if you’re not in an RV or tent camping. 

Our campsite was sloped to the front quite a bit but we were on full pavement so we were able to get relatively stable.  There were only woods behind us and no one camping on our other side, which gave us an awesome view out our windows. We did have a chance to have a fire one night when Hayden’s friend Leila came down to visit us.  It was relatively quiet during the week, but there were a few families with children that started piling in on the weekend, so there was more commotion. Of course, that is pretty standard at most campgrounds. Overall, we would recommend this place! 

Campground information

Name: Keystone State Park
Location: 1150 Keystone Park Road, Derry, PA 15627
Campsite: #58
Campground Notes: All of the campsites are paved but only have electric.  Lots of primitive sites
Dog-friendly: Yes, there are no specific dog runs, but they are allowed pretty much anywhere.
Rates: $186 for 6 nights


Verizon: Our connection was good on both download and upload. Speed test showed 6.51 Mbps download and 4.26 Mbps upload
TMobile: Our connection was great on download but slow on upload. Speed test showed 10.41 Mbps download and 0.73 Mbps upload
Camp wifi: None available.

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