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Onion Maiden, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

As soon as Aaron heard about an all vegan, metal themed restaurant, we knew we were going to have to pay a visit and we were definitely not disappointed. In fact, we changed our entire schedule around in order to swing through Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Onion Maideon located in the south side of Pittsburgh, offers a vast array of dishes that are spin offs of punk and heavy metal bands, albums, and songs.  Items such as the War Pig, the Trooper, and Kale Seitan grace their hot dog options while starters include options such as Bunn O))), For Whom The Egg Rolls, and Kale’ Em All.  We also had the opportunity to interview Brooks, one of the owners of Onion Maiden.  We chatted about the name, how the reception has been from the locals and when we can expect a Dimmu Burger to show up on the menu. Make sure to watch the video above for the interview!

What we ordered

Bunn O)))- Enoki, Cucumber, Cilantro, Korean Mayo, Hoison-  We first had Korean style buns like this at Departed in Portland and we’ve been craving them ever since we moved away from there.  The Bunn 0))) absolutely nailed the flavor and the texture that we were looking for and we were blown away by the sauce that comes on these.  The only downside for Aaron was the cilantro, which he always says tastes like soap.  But that’s no fault of the craftsmanship that went into this appetizer.

Emperor Palpatots- Tater tots with cashew cheese, lentil chili, salsa, pickled jalapenos.  First and foremost, if you do not like spicy things, order this without the jalapenos because they are HOT!  The lentil chili and salsa, when combined, give it a really good depth of flavor.  The cashew cheese is absolutely delicious, we just wished there was a bit more cheese for coverage.

Alpha and Omega- Smoked cashew Rangoon. For as simple as these are in terms of ingredients, they pack a lot of flavors! Rangoons aren’t something you come across very often as a vegan, so it definitely stood out to us on the menu. The crunchiness of the wrapper when combined with the smoked cashew filling really drive home a well-balanced appetizer. These also come on a bed of greens with an oil based dressing.

Munster Mash- Sharp cashew cheese plate with chutney, baguette, apples, & killing yoke deviled eggs.  The sharp cheese, being cashew based, spreads incredibly well and definitely meets the sharpness of its name.  Not sure you can go wrong with any cashew cheese, so naturally it was really good. This is the second time we’ve had vegan deviled eggs and both times we’ve been a bit weirded out.  They are pretty good and the yolk has a distinct mustard-flavor, but as vegans, it’s just one of those things that reminds you too much of the real thing. The chutney also had great flavor and paired well with the apples and on top of the baguette with the cheese. Who doesn’t love a good cheese plate??

Fuck Nazi Sympathy- apple chutney, pickled jalapeños, mayo and black pepper.  Aaron was toying between this one and the Trooper, but ultimately the name alone is what drove him to choose it.  At first glance of the toppings, you have to wonder just how this is going to taste, but Aaron could have easily eaten several of these.  The jalapenos are just as hot as they are on the Emperor Palpatots, but the mayo really helps cut some of that heat and keeps it in check especially when combined with the sweetness of the chutney.  Grab this one while you can!

Straight to Hell- Rice noodle salad with tofu, lemongrass, peanuts, and herbs.  Leila was the one who actually ordered this but was gracious enough to let us try it out.  This was a refreshing meal after the heavier items that we’d ordered. The noodles were light, paired with the herbs and lettuce. The peanuts and tofu on top added great texture, but the real star was the lemongrass. The taste of the lemongrass was very present, but not overpowering. We would definitely order this again- delicious!

Hurricane- Sauerkraut, 1,000 Island, Caraway seed.  This hotdog was like a reuben on a bun! Hayden is a sucker for a good reuben, so it was a no brainer that she’d order this dog. The 1,000 island dressing paired with the sauerkraut made for a party in the mouth. The only bad thing about this was that there wasn’t more! 

Restaurant information

Name: Onion Maiden
Location: 639 E Warrington Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15210
Price: $
Cuisine: Asian / American
Vegan options: All vegan
Dress code: Casual

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