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West Branch State Park, Ravenna, Ohio

This place is EXACTLY what we needed after spending 9 days at Woodland Village RV and Mobile Home Park, in Portage on top of Hayden spending 5 days at the 2017 Animal Rights Conference.  We needed a place that gave us a good sized space where our neighbors were not right next to us but also let us have access to incredible views and activities.  West Branch State Park, in Ravenna, Ohio, delivered on all of those fronts.

When we first pulled in, we realized that we only had electric at our site so we had to run over to the dump station and fill up our water tanks.  Normally this is something that causes us to groan a little bit, but we are wanting to prepare ourselves for the eventual boondocking that we want to do in the future so it’s better to start now.  After filling up our water tank, we backed into our spot and started setting up for the week.  Right away, we realized we didn’t have much tree cover.  Turns out, anything outside of the first 10 or so spots with some few exceptions, has glorious tree cover and some look like they are their own little portals into Narnia, they are so deep set into the woods.  We’re not upset with our spot, but there are so many other great ones that we would have loved to have.

During the week the campground is really quiet and peaceful, especially at night, when you can hear all of the crickets and frogs singing their songs while watching the fireflies dance about.  The mosquitos were a bit rough, but that’s fairly common throughout the midwest in the summer, and especially being so close to the lake.  Speaking of the lake, we were relatively close to the boat dock which allowed us to launch our kayaks pretty easily.  The water on the lake was like glass and it made for an extremely pleasant kayaking experience. It also helps that outside of the center areas, everything is under a no-wake zone so you don’t have speedboats ripping by like we’ve experienced in the past. We saw lotus flowers, a couple Blue Herons, and a giant fish that jumped out of the water right in front of us. Definitely, a great time spent out on the lake. 

Staying here puts you about 30-45 minutes away from Cuyahoga National Park and all of the hiking and activities that are there. We spent an entire day exploring the area, which was awesome.

After staying fat West Branch State Park, we absolutely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a peaceful getaway.

Campground information

Name: West Branch State Park
Location: 5570 Esworthy Rd, Ravenna, OH 44266
Campsite: #2
Campground Notes: All of the campsites are paved with several pull-through options in the 80’s which also have full hookups.  We only had electric
Dog-friendly: Yes, there are no specific dog runs, but they are allowed pretty much anywhere.
Rates: $178 for 6 nights


Verizon: Our connection was slow, but usable. Speed test showed 2.64 Mbps download and 3.59 Mbps upload
TMobile: Our connection was almost non-existent. Speed test showed 2.65 Mbps download and 0.117 Mbps upload
Camp wifi: None available.

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