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Ames Brook Campground, Ashland, New Hampshire

After several weeks of traveling every weekend, we were looking forward to slowing things down a bit as we got into the northeast part of the United States during fall.  We originally had intended on staying out in Burlington, Vermont, but waited too long to make our reservation so we opted to continue onto New Hampshire.  We choose Ames Brook Campground, located in a small town called Ashland, to be our home for two weeks.

Most of the camp appears to be full-time residents and we noticed that there were several spots that were up for sale.  Several of them had decks, sheds, and even full-on sunrooms attached to them!  We were down towards the back of the camp which put us close to the nature trail that runs off the back of the property.  Having that close by was incredible as it gave Lulu a great place to explore.

Our site was kind of a combination of sand and grass but surprisingly we felt pretty level after setting up.  Normally sand tends to give us some issues with swaying, but the grass must have helped out.  The site itself was level and we had a fair amount of room outside of our front door to hang out and Aaron turned it into his “office” a few times.  The park itself was really quiet and we felt like we just were left alone while we were there, which is a win in our book!

Campground information

Name: Ames Brook Campground
Location: 104 Winona Road Ashland, NH 03217
Campsite: #11
Campground Notes: A lot of full time residents but plenty of short term spots.
Dog-friendly: Yes, there are no specific dog runs, but they are allowed pretty much anywhere.
Rates: $528 for 2 weeks


Verizon: Our connection was good on both download and upload. Speed test showed 15.9 Mbps download and 2.94 Mbps upload
AT&T: We had no signal at our campsite, but we used it while we were driving around with good signal
TMobile: We had no signal at our campsite nor anywhere really nearby
Camp wifi: The wifi was hit or miss for us.  Some nights it was blistering fast and others it was terrible.  Speed test showed 1.43 Mbps download and 0.446 Mbps upload.

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