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New Style Asian Food, Lynn, Massachusetts

We were originally planning on going to Flying Saucer for dinner one night, but they had let us know that they were completely out of vegan cheese.  So we whipped out Happy Cow to see what other options were available to us and decided to check out New Style Asian Food in Lynn, Massachusetts.  This turned out to be a huge blessing in disguise as we found one of the best Chinese restaurants we have ever been to.

The restaurant itself is pretty small, with only two tables and a small bar area, but they make up for the lack of seating by offering dozens of vegan options on their menu.  It seems like they are more focused on take-out.  We chatted with the woman who was working the counter and she let us know that the owner, her mother, was vegan for 32 years!  Talk about incredible!  She went on to tell us how she would always make her vegan food in its own set of pans and utensils so that there was no cross-contamination.  It’s always great to hear stories like that because while a lot of restaurants are offering vegan options, not all of them realize how much it means to a vegan to know that their food was cooked in a vegan manner.

What we ordered

Happy family- Veggie jumbo shrimp, veggie chicken, veggie beef and veggie pork sauteed with vegetables in house special sauce.  For some reason, Aaron really enjoys massive combos of mock meats when it comes to Asian food and he couldn’t pass this up when he saw it on the menu.  That being said, the vegan shrimp was really weird, not bad, but just really weird in texture.  The rest of the dish, however, was absolutely incredible and brought a ton of flavor out.  So much so that he ended up ordering this a second time when we went back!

Sweet and sour chicken- Hayden really loves sweet and sour and this was easily some of the best she has ever had.  The sauce on this is incredible and really hits on both of the sweet and sour notes.  The chicken has a really great texture and doesn’t end up too chewy like some vegan chicken can be.  When combined with the fried rice, it makes for a fantastic meal which Hayden ordered the second time we ate here.

Fried rice delight- Traditional Chinese fried rice with veggie chicken, cabbage, broccoli, peas, carrots and fried tofu. We didn’t realize just how big the large was going to be, but when combined with our meals, we were able to split this up into 4 total meals each!  We highly recommend this as it is a great base for your main or even as a meal itself!

Restaurant information

Name: New Style Asian Food
Location: 25 Boston Street, Lynn, MA
Price: $
Cuisine: Chinese / Japanese
Vegan options: Mostly vegan
Dress code: Casual

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