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Sunset Point Campground, Harrington, Maine

We were extremely excited to get up to Maine, especially since the weather was starting to cool off a bit.  While we were hoping that the trees were going to be changing color, we seemed to be just a tad too early for that and only got patches of color here and there.  Since we weren’t able to get into a campsite right next to Acadia National Park, we went a bit off the beaten path and stayed at Sunset Point Campground in Harrington, Maine.

The campground isn’t overwhelmingly large by any means, but the spaces are incredible.  We had our own little yard that was separated on both sides by foliage from our neighbors.  Our space included a picnic table as well as a structure over it which made it great for sitting outside in the shade.  The highlight of the campground, however, has to be the access to the water.  One night we were hanging out in the RV working on Vegan Voyagers stuff and Hayden looked out the window to see an incredible sunset.  We quickly gathered up the camera gear and rushed out to the water where we got to witness amazing colors in the sky.  We haven’t seen sunsets like this since we were in Arizona.

The entire experience was good and we would highly recommend staying here for anyone who wants to get away from the crowds. There’s not a lot to do in the immediate area, but you’re only about an hour from Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park.

Campground information

Name: Sunset Point Campground
Location: 24 Sunset Point Rd, Harrington, ME 04643
Campsite: #16
Campground Notes: Mostly grass and gravel back-in spots, with a few pull through spaces.  Great access to the water and incredible sunsets!
Dog-friendly: Yes, there is a pet walk as well
Rates: $502.18 for two weeks



Our Verizon connection was great and was what we used primarily. Speed test showed 10.3 Mbps download and 2.25 Mbps upload


Our AT&T connection was also great, but since we have a cap of 250 GB we utilized our Verizon connection primarily.  Speed test showed 7.61 Mbps download and 3.66 Mbps upload


We did not have any TMobile connection

Camp wifi

Their connection was excellent while it was up, but we had several issues remaining connected to it.  Speed test showed 9.14 Mbps download and 6.22 Mbps upload

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