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Veggie Galaxy, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Veggie Galaxy in Cambridge, Massachusetts came highly recommended to us when we asked on Facebook what restaurants we should check out, so we were excited to get down there.  One of the things we immediately loved after walking in was the acceptance of all people regardless of sex, race, religion, sexual preference, and gender identity.  We love seeing places open their hearts to everyone as that’s the way things should be.  The restaurant is setup like a diner and has quite an extensive menu available.  Both times we went, we ended up having to wait upwards of a half hour before we were able to get seated so expect a wait if you go during popular hours.

What we ordered

Biscuits and gravy- There was definitely a mushroom flavor to this as the gravy was mushroom based.  Luckily it wasn’t very overpowering and kept the meal from tasting too earthy.  Overall these were very good and we had no problems devouring the entire plate!

Buffalo wings- If you follow our food reviews, you know that Aaron will always order the buffalo wings whenever they are available and at this point, we feel like we’re becoming experts on which ones are good. Needless to say, these are some of the best we’ve had!  The seitan reminded us of the ones that we had at the Chicago Diner and the sauce reminded us of the sauce from Veggie Grill.  When you combine the two of those together with the great dipping sauce they came with, you’ve created wings that find their way into our top 5.

Fried pickles- As much as Aaron loves his buffalo wings, Hayden loves her fried pickles and these were really good!  They were full spears, which were perfectly crispy on the outside and warm on the inside. The dipping sauce was absolutely divine! These could easily be some of the best fried pickles we’ve ever had. 

Hash benedict- Tofu, corned-beef seitan hash & hollandaise on a grilled house-made black pepper biscuit.  Aaron was absolutely stoked for this and it was a good sandwich, but after one bite of Hayden’s stuffed french toast, he immediately wished he had ordered that instead.  The one downside to this meal is that the hollandaise has a heavy mustard flavor which Aaron is not a fan of.

Stuffed french toast- with vanilla vegan cream cheese, topped with caramelized banana butter, strawberry sauce & maple syrup.  One bite of this and you will find yourself collapsing in your seat.  It is literally one of the best breakfast meals that we have ever had in our travels.  The cream sauce reminds us of a combination of ice cream and cream cheese in both flavor and consistency and when paired with french toast, butter, and syrup, it’s just heaven on a plate!  If you’re ever in the area, you absolutely must go try this for yourself.

Restaurant information

Name: Veggie Galaxy
Location: 450 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139
Price: $
Cuisine: American Diner
Vegan options: Mostly vegan, some eggs and cheese
Dress code: Casual

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