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Getting bewitched in Salem, Massachusetts

Last year, we visited Salem, Massachusetts the week before Halloween while we were in town for a wedding and we were super excited to come back and visit this year!

Immediately we decided to check out the Flying Saucer pizza restaurant that we previously visited with our friends Pati and Saydi.  After putting our names in for a spot and waiting for a half hour, they let us know that they were out of their vegan cheese so we ended up having to eat elsewhere which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. We pulled up Happy Cow and found New Style Asian Food in Beverly, not far from Salem.  We did end up going back to the Flying Saucer after they got their vegan cheese and you can read more about what we ordered in our full restaurant review.

We spent Friday the 13th exploring Salem and walked up and down the strip area where all of the street performers and shops are located and checked out all of the different witch shops.  We had previously done all of the witch-related tourist stops last year so we wanted to focus on other areas.  There were some cool coven and spirit shops that we could have easily bought half the store but luckily we were able to exercise restraint since we don’t have a ton of room to spare.  We did pick up an artisan tree made of copper and jade and Aaron got a new tree of life intertwined with a pentacle necklace.

One unique thing we saw was the Satanic Temple which was located a couple miles from downtown.  We decided to take the tour of the art gallery which included a viewing of their 7 foot Baphomet statue as well as history on things like the satanic panic and how the Ouija board became synonymous with evil.  Overall, it was interesting to learn the backstory but they could be doing a lot more with the space that they have.  We’ve noticed that they have become more prolific in media and social media and have seen some of their initiatives take off.  Keep in mind, we are not satanists as we do not practice any religion, but their atheistic equality approach was interesting.

If you’ve never spent time in Salem, you’re missing out on something special.  Yeah, it’s a tourist trap, and yeah you’re going to see some hokey touristy things, but the town of Salem is truly one of those incredible spots that you have to check out.  If nothing else, the history alone is an interesting draw to the area.  Plus who doesn’t love the movie Hocus Pocus!

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