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Hanging out in Boston, Massachusetts

We had two full weeks in the Boston area and wanted to cram in as much as we could.  We ate at several different restaurants and explored some of the historical areas in town.  Hayden went to school nearby and still had friends in the area, so we got to visit with them as well as take a tour of her alma mater, Wheaton College.

Where we stayed

We were originally going to try and stay on Cape Cod but instead stayed just outside Gloucester at Cape Ann Campground.  This allowed us to be relatively close to both Salem and Boston which was what we wanted to go see while we were there.  If you want to know more about the actual campground itself, you can find all of that information in our full campground review of Cape Ann Campground.

What we did

Mount Auburn Cemetery

Hayden had brought up this cemetery when we started discussing all of the different things we could do while in Boston.  This cemetery is huge and impressive, but unfortunately, a good part of it was under construction while we were there.  Bigelow Chapel is an incredible gothic looking building but was going through maintenance so we weren’t able to get full photos of the building.  We did, however, get to climb to the top of Washington Tower which gave you an amazing view of downtown Boston as well as overlooking the entire cemetery.  There was definitely an air of tranquility as we walked around the grounds. 

Freedom Trail

One of the things that Aaron had been wanting to do ever since he found out we were going to Boston was to walk the Freedom Trail.  Part of this is because he loves all things history, but the other part is because of its inclusion in Fallout 4.  We started at the very beginning of the trail and shortly after we started, we actually came across a protest against Columbus Day.  We love it when we see people exercising their 1st Amendment rights.  

Along the way, we saw all sorts of cool historical sights such as statues of Benjamin Franklin and Samual Adams, the graves of many prominent figures in American history including Alexander Hamilton at Trinity Church.  We also saw the Holocaust Memorial which was breathtaking but also heartbreaking when you realize that each of the glass panes is covered in thousands of numbers representing people who were killed, and there are dozens of these glass panes per structure.  The walkway was covered with quotes and messages from some of the survivors and liberators.  It was an extremely powerful memorial.

Wheaton College

Hayden went to college at Wheaton which is where she had met her friends that we spent time catching up with.  Given that we were in the area, we had to take a trip to her school so she could show me all of the locations that go along with the stories she’s been telling since we got together.  The school itself is fairly small but has that old world Boston feeling to it.  All of the buildings are made out of brick and it doesn’t take long to walk from one end of the campus to the other.  We stopped into the bookstore where she picked up a shirt to show her school pride and headed on back down the road.


We absolutely love Salem and got to spend part of the day there on Friday the 13th.  Since we had previously done all of the witch history parts last year when we were in the area, we got to spend more time exploring the town and the shops.  We even went to the headquarters for the Satanic Temple which was a very interesting stop, to say the least!  There are many more photos of what we did over in our full write up of our time in Salem.

Where we ate

We had quite a few options available to us while we were in the Boston area, but a few of them ended up being extraordinary while others left us wanting more.  We were able to make it to 7 different restaurants, all of which we have written up full reviews on what we ate, what we loved, and what wasn’t so good in their own reviews.  In Salem, we ate at Flying Saucer Pizza which we had previously visited with some friends.  In Cambridge, we dined at Sugar and Spice, Veggie Galaxy, and V02 Vegan Cafe.  In the greater Boston area, we were able to find a great Chinese restaurant called New Style Asian Food as well as a raw vegan cafe called Organic Garden Cafe.  We even made it to a TGI Fridays to try the Beyond Burger they were demoing in select stores.

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