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No Evil Foods, Asheville, North Carolina

As part of our series to increase awareness about companies, restaurants, and sanctuaries that are doing great work in the world, we reached out to No Evil Foods in Asheville, NC and asked if they would be willing to do an interview with us.  They accepted our request and we set up a time where we could meet so that we could learn more about the company and all of the products that they currently make.

We met up with Sadrah, one of the co-founders, outside of the No Evil Foods processing facilities and had a chance to introduce ourselves and ask a few initial questions before we started.  She took us through their shared facilities before giving us hair and beard nets to put on before we could go into the actual food processing area.  Once we were inside, she gave us an overview of the equipment and process that goes into the creation of their Pardon product, which is their holiday turkey replacement.  We wished we could have gotten a chance to give it a taste test, but they were completely sold out for their entire stock, so we asked where we could try some of their other products locally.

Sadrah mentioned that we could try their chick’n at the local curry place called Blue Dream Curry House so we decided to head straight over there where we ordered their yellow curry to split.  The curry itself is well worth the order, but the addition of the No Evil Foods chick’n brought it to a whole new level.  The texture of the protein was silky smooth and not super dense like a lot of vegan proteins can end up with, but it also pulled in a lot of the curry flavor which made it an incredible addition to the dish.  

Overall, it was great to get a sneak peek into the development of their Pardon turkey product and to chat with Sadrah about all the amazing things they have in store for the future. 


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