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Sanctuary Brewing, Hendersonville, North Carolina

We got an opportunity to meet up with Lisa and Joe, the owners of Sanctuary Brewing Company, in Henderson, North Carolina.  Not only do they own a brewery, but they also own their own 501(c)(3) animal sanctuary on top of it.  Combining beer and saving animals meant we HAD to sit down and have a chat with them!

They let us come by before they had opened so that we could have an uninterrupted interview while they finished up their brewing tasks for the day.  We scoped out the inside of the brewpub and found a few locations we wanted to shoot in front of as they have some great interior design.  Starting out in front of the “drink local” sign, we asked them our introduction questions about how the brewery was started and a little bit about themselves.  Lisa told us all about the wonderful advocacy work that they do and Joe walked us through the process of how they make beer before moving onto the bar where they went over all of the different beers they had on tap, including one of their collaborations with No Evil Foods.

They let us try some of their beers and they were all absolutely incredible.  Aaron has been drinking more of the darker beers lately, so he asked for a taste of the Porter while Hayden had a chance to try one of the lighter beers.  They also let us try their Gose style beer which is outside of our preferences, but ended up being really good!  We can’t wait until the next time we are in the area so that we can actually come down and sample the entire line of beers and check out one of the fun events they regularly host.

Outside of the beer aspect, they also run a sanctuary and try to give back to the community and the animals whenever they can.  They have winter coats hanging outside the brewery that are available for anyone in need.  Little things like this really can make a difference in people’s lives and it’s refreshing to see a company think of the bigger picture.  They run special events for big days like the super bowl, host live music, and so much more. If you’re lucky enough, you can catch them when they do yoga with animals!


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