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8 Vegan Options You Can’t Miss in Asheville, North Carolina

We were excited to get to Asheville, North Carolina because it’s known for having quite a few delicious vegan options and we wanted to eat our way through the city.  We had reached out on our Facebook page looking for recommendations and they definitely weren’t in short supply!  There were a few that we didn’t get a chance to check out, but we are saving those for the next time we end up in the Asheville area.

Asheville Brewing Company

Our first night in town, we wanted to just grab a beer and a bite to eat after the long drive from Virginia.  We pulled up Happy Cow and found that we could find vegan pizza at a brewery just 15 minutes away from where we had parked our rig so we hopped in the truck and headed over there.  We ended up getting the BBQ Tofu pizza and it was phenomenal!  If you get it, ask them to coat the tofu in BBQ sauce before cooking the pizza, the tofu will soak in extra sauce.  We also forgot to add green and red onions, so definitely add those to make this pizza even better. Note: This restaurant is not fully vegan.

Bean Vegan Cuisine

We love a restaurant that doesn’t mess around and serves up comfort food and that’s exactly what you’re going to get at Bean Vegan Cuisine.  We wanted to check it out because their menu has a Reuben, cheeseburger, deep fried pickles, and buffalo wings and we can’t pass those up!  All of the food was incredible, but you have to get the pimento cheesish dip.  Aaron got it on his cheeseburger and it made it absolutely phenomenal.  The buffalo wings were really good and the bleu cheese sauce was fantastic!  The fried pickles were a HUGE portion and were delicious with the ranch sauce and the Reuben sandwich was one of the best we’ve had on our travels. Definitely worth checking this place out!

Laughing Seed Cafe

We ended up meeting up with some friends one night and went out to dinner at Laughing Seed Cafe.  They are a bit more of an upscale restaurant and their dishes reflect this.  We split a Caesar salad to start and it was one of the better salads we’ve had in quite some time!  Hayden got the raw spinach pesto manicotti, while we don’t eat a lot of raw food, Hayden really thought this was an incredible dish.    Aaron ordered the Harmony Bowl that was a huge portion of deliciousness. Note: This restaurant is vegetarian and not fully vegan.

9 Mile

The best thing about 9 Mile is that everything is Caribbean inspired and that meant we got to try a new style of food.  Aaron ended up ordering the Jamaican Me Thirsty and ordered it with WAY too much spice.  When they say that Caribbean food is spicy, they are not joking around!  Hayden got the much more mild Irie Ites which was a super creamy basil pesto sauce.  If you’re looking for some great Caribbean food and some ice cold beers, this is the place to go! Note: This restaurant is not fully vegan.

Blue Dream Curry

After our interview with No Evil Foods, we wanted to find somewhere that sold some of their food and Sadrah mentioned that Blue Dream Curry offered a few dishes.  We ordered the yellow curry with the No Evil Foods plant-based chicken to split and it turned out to be a really good curry dish.  There wasn’t a lot of the protein on the dish, but what we did have had a really great texture and pulled in a lot of the curry flavor.  There are quite a few other options available, but this is not a vegan restaurant. Note: This restaurant is not fully vegan.


We wanted to get out and have a nicer meal and Plant came highly recommended by several people.  Every one of the dishes we ended up ordering was mind-blowing!  We started off with the plantains and they are one hell of a way to start a meal.  It seems like the sour cream would be out of place in a dish like this, but it balances out the sweetness really well.  Hayden went with the cheese platter which was incredible and Aaron ordered the seitan chili con queso which was not quite what he expected but delicious nonetheless.  Don’t forget dessert and to try some of their signature cocktails!

Vortex Donuts

You really can’t pass up a good vegan donut and while they didn’t have the biggest selection of vegan donuts, they did have a few.  We picked up several different kinds, but most of them were non-traditional flavors so Aaron wasn’t a super huge fan of those.  He did, however, enjoy the cinnamon sugar ones and especially the cinnamon sugar donuts that were topped with chocolate!  Hayden loved the raspberry one, since it had a citrus taste to it.  We ended up eating there twice, so you know it’s gotta be good! Note: This restaurant is not fully vegan.

Gypsy Queen

Just before we were getting ready to take off for Alabama, we hopped in the truck and went to go pick up some lunch.  We had heard about the yum-yum wrap that Gypsy Queen offers and that definitely intrigued us.  The yum yum wrap contains fries, cauliflower, hummus, garlic, hot sauce, and tomatoes. The wrap is huge and comes jam-packed with flavors.  Definitely, give this a try! Note: This restaurant is not fully vegan.

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