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Hiking with Our REI Half Dome & Camelbak Backpacks

We were sitting down with Aaron’s mom one night and she was asking what equipment we bring with us when we go exploring.  Leave it to mom to make sure you’re taking all of the proper supplies with you when you go on a hike.  Since we were traveling across the southwest for the beginning part of our trip, water was the number one resource that we needed to bring with us.  Luckily we already had Hayden’s Camelbak from before and her parents gave us an REI Half Dome backpack on top of that.

I don’t think we could survive without these backpacks at this point.  Not only do both of them contain a Camelbak bladder inside of them, but we also stuff them full of all of our necessary items such as Clif bars, our first aid kit, compass, a whistle, some rope, sunscreen, a utility tool, and all of our camera gear, which seems to be growing the longer we do this!  

Camelbak is a huge name in the backpacking industry and our backpack lives up to the quality behind that name.  We’ve had it crammed full of all our supplies and it holds up really well.  It also often contains additional water for Lulu as well.  Being a dual strap backpack, it allows you to throw a ton of items in there without adding too much strain on your back.

The REI Half Dome doesn’t have a dedicated place for a Camelbak, but it does have space where one fits easily.  It’s been doubling as our camera gear backpack as well, often times either holding our Nikon D3200, all of our lenses, our tripod, and all of our accessories.  Other times, it contains just our camera and small lens, but also our drone and drone bag as well.  On top of the dual straps, it has waist straps as well to help balance the load and keep the pressure off your back.

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