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Melbourne Renaissance Fair, Melbourne, Florida

Aaron used to go to renaissance fairs a lot when he was younger, but he hadn’t been to one in well over 10 years.  Hayden had never actually been to one, so when our friends Pati and Saydi said they were planning on attending the Brevard Renaissance Fair in Melbourne Beach, Florida, we knew that we couldn’t pass up the opportunity!

Right out of the gate, there were legions of people dressed up in costumes and role-playing various time periods throughout history.  There were people dressed up as characters from Robin Hood, pirates, Vikings, gypsies, and many more!  There were dozens of craft vendors lined throughout the entire park selling everything from incense and maps to full suits of armor and weapons!  Had we not moved into an RV, undoubtedly Aaron would have bought enough stuff to fill an entire house.

Aaron was really looking forward to the Viking area as he’s always had an affinity for their culture and history.  Once we got there, we saw signs for ax throwing and his eyes lit up like a kid!  It took him a couple of tries to get things figured out, but he stuck 3 axes in a row into the target.  Hayden channeled her inner Katniss Everdeen and picked up the bow and arrows.  She looked like she was a pro as she knocked each arrow, drew the bow, and fired it straight into the target.  The one thing we didn’t end up doing that Aaron kind of wanted to was to battle the warrior champion.  Next time!

Of course, you can’t go to a medieval festival and not watch the jousting and sword fighting!  We ended up on the “evil” side of the jousting arena and were cheering for the villains.  Being the Slytherins that we are, we had no problem rooting for the bad guy and cheered wildly when one of them won the jousting games.  The sword fighting was a bit on the cheesy side and reminded us more of something you would see in the WWE, but was still entertaining.

While we easily could have come home with hundreds of items, we practiced restraint and only came home with a small piece of artwork.  The artist, Chelsea Smith, creates prints using copper plate etchings and each one not only looked great but had an interesting back story.  We ended up coming home with Cernunnos, who “was primarily known as the Protector of Wild Animals. Cernunnos is said to be able to influence the winds and rains that refresh and water the wood and field, valley and heath, keeping them verdant and life-engendering. Cernunnos is also known as Guide of the Dead walking between the worlds.”

If you ever get a chance to check out any renaissance fair, we highly recommend it as it is absolutely a fantastic time!

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