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Lollipop Making Class at Sweet Pete’s Candy Shop, Jacksonville, Florida

Full disclosure: The opinions expressed here are ours, however, we were contacted by Sweet Pete’s and offered samples of their Easter candy and a free lollipop making class.

We were first contacted through Facebook by Sweet Pete’s because they wanted to send us some samples of their new vegan Easter candy. Hello, OF COURSE, we want to try your candy! It also turns out that we just happened to be in the Jacksonville area and they invited us to come up and take a lollipop making class. Obviously, we’ve never taken a lollipop making class, as we’re sure you haven’t either, so we definitely couldn’t pass up such a cool opportunity!

We drove up to Jacksonville after work one day and arrived a bit early so we could check out the massive candy store. When we say massive, we mean it’s 3 stories, full of candy… We figured there would only be a couple vegan options, as chocolate usually has milk and candy has gelatin, but boy were we wrong! We asked what in the store was vegan and the girl behind the counter basically never stopped rattling off the options we could have.

Candy Store 

The first floor has a restaurant that features a quinoa veggie burger (which we didn’t try, but was recommended to us) and all the Sweet Pete’s branded candies and chocolate. On the second story, they have virtually every kind of candy you could imagine, dating back to some old school stuff. It’s basically a serve yourself kind of place, you get a bag and can fill it with any kind of deliciousness that you want. You want Mike and Ike’s- cool, here’s an entire wall with 15 different flavors. You want gummy rings, no problem, here’s every flavor ever invented. You get the idea, this place is unreal. Also on the second floor, you’ll find an ice cream parlor. All the way up on the third floor was a toy store and where we found the lollipop making class, which we were lucky enough to have all to ourselves (SCORE!) 

Lollipop Making Class

Ross was our lollipop making guide and he made the entire class so much fun with his awesome energy. We learned what ingredients are in a lollipop; water, sugar, and corn syrup, how hot you have to get it before you are ready to start working with it; about 300 degrees.  He showed us how to cool it down on a natural stone while folding it over and over again until it solidifies. We chose a watermelon flavor with a green stripe (green for vegan) and he started cutting chunks off for us to mold into lollipops. We must have made at least 100 pops and we got to take home the entire batch because it was just us in the class! Afterward, we were given a coupon for a free scoop of ice cream at the parlor and we were lucky that they had mango sorbet. 

This experience was SO much fun and we can’t thank Sweet Pete’s enough for inviting us to come to their store and participate in their class. PLUS, they sent us some amazing candy, including taffy, some lollipops, a raspberry cream egg, and a chocolate peanut butter bunny. The peanut butter bunny seems to completely disappear in seconds because it is absolutely decadent!  The raspberry cream egg uses fondant for the cream base and is so gooey and delicious that you’ll need to keep some napkins near by as it explodes (literally) with flavor!  Honestly, it’s a good thing we don’t regularly live near one of these stores because the chocolate egg and bunny were beyond delicious! Just amazing!

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