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The Best Vegan Food in Atlanta, Georgia

One of our favorite things about visiting a new city is getting to experience their vegan food. We didn’t give Atlanta that much of a thought before we arrived since it hasn’t stuck out as a major vegan destination, but we were definitely wrong! Teeming with delicious vegan options, Atlanta delivered some incredible food. We spent a whole day doing a vegan food tour, where we visited 6 amazing restaurants. The next weekend, we squeezed in another stop, so we have a total of 7 restaurants that make up the best vegan food in Atlanta, Georgia. 

 1) Revolution Donuts

The first stop on our tour was Revolution Donuts. We had been told that their donuts are amazing, especially their apple fritters, and it was all true. We’re suckers for good donuts and they had some really great options. The entire store isn’t vegan, but they had a whole row of vegan donuts that ranged from simple vanilla, to blueberry, to a more complex coconut cream-stuffed chocolate. And don’t forget a fritter! Fried to perfection and sweet with apple on the inside, they were delicious. 

2) Herban Fix Vegan Kitchen

After eating too many donuts, our second stop was to an all-vegan restaurant, Herban Fix Vegan Kitchen. With its Asian inspired cuisine, the menu had many unique options and we struggled with what to choose. We wish we could have tried everything on the menu! We decided to try a couple of appetizers including the sweet pea ravioli in curry jus, sesame ginger soy chicken kebabs, and steamed buns with crispy soy duck. The ravioli was different than we expected, the curry sauce wasn’t too flavorful and the sweet pea had a very earthy essence, almost like a kale. Overall, they were good, but just not what we expected. The kebabs were awesome and came with a very tasty sauce. The soy chicken had great texture and wasn’t too chewy, which sometimes happens with soy meats.  The sticky buns also had great texture and had a delayed flavor. After taking a bite it took a little while for the flavors to develop which were sweet and a very low spice. Again, we wish we could have tried everything! This place is on the expensive side and their lunch menu is a bit cheaper than dinner. They also have a buffet on Sundays, which would be a great option to try a bit of everything! 

3) Cafe Sunflower

The third stop on our food tour was Cafe Sunflower, another all-vegan restaurant. We had heard really great things about this restaurant and again, the menu looked fantastic, we wish we could have tried more. We settled for the buffalo lollipops and the BBQ seitan sandwich. If you’ve been following along with us for awhile, you know that we LOVE anything buffalo. If there’s buffalo on the menu, we’re ordering it. The “lollipops” were buffalo wings with a neat little stick in the middle, which helped you to hold them. They reminded us of Doomies‘ wings. They had incredible texture and a quick punch of heat that hit hard up front but dissipated quickly. The blue cheese dressing that it came with was fantastic and helped to cover up some of the spice. Overall- these were amazing wings! The BBQ seitan sandwich fell short after the wings but was totally decent. The seitan was really juicy which was nice, but didn’t pack much flavor. The highlight of the sandwich was the sriracha aioli, which really carried the whole thing. We would skip this dish if we went back. 

4) Dulce Vegan Cafe & Bakery

We made the mistake of not trying any of Dulce Vegan Cafe & Bakery’s baked goods, mostly because we started with donuts and were ending with dessert. Instead, we opted to try their breakfast sandwiches. The bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on an English muffin turned out to be fantastic. It was just what you would want from a breakfast sandwich with tempeh bacon, tofu egg, cheese, with some mayo. If we lived nearby, we would probably eat this for breakfast every day, it was that good! Definitely don’t get the sausage patty, it was dry and had no flavor at all. We wish we had tried some of their baked goods to give this place a fair shot.

5) Bartaco

Bartaco wasn’t originally on our list of places to visit on our food tour. However, a lady we met while dining at Herban Fix suggested we stop in to try their cauliflower tacos. We love tacos (who doesn’t?) so we quickly added it to the list. We got their chips and salsa with guacamole, cauliflower tacos, and a falafel taco. They are made to order and you decide how many tacos you want. The falafel tacos come with tzatziki sauce, so in order to veganize it, they basically put a falafel in a tortilla and called it a taco. Skip this one and go straight for the cauliflower tacos, which were much better. There was quite a bit of raw onion and the sauce on top is cold, so be prepared for that, but overall they were delicious. Surprisingly though, our favorite part of the meal was one of the salsas, the salsa roja. Aaron literally does not like salsa, doesn’t like tomatoes in general, but fell in love with this salsa so much that we ordered extra to take home. The guac was also totally decent. Bartaco has a great vibe in the restaurant, everything is ordered fresh, their drinks are made with fresh ingredients, so definitely stop in if you are near one. 

6) Cinnaholic

It’s rare that dessert is our favorite meal of the day, especially when there are buffalo wings involved. We’ve been meaning to stop into a Cinnaholic for awhile, but just never got around to it. They are a chain restaurant and are located all over the country, which is dangerous because they’re so good! We opted for the classic cinnamon roll and the signature peanut butter with chocolate drizzle and chocolate chips. They were insanely good! These may have been the best thing we’ve ever eaten. They were so good, we ordered two more to take home for later. We also bought a brownie that even a couple days later was still moist and dense. We also bought some cookie dough that we ate straight out of the tub. If you ever get a chance to go to Cinnaholic, RUN- don’t walk. Make it happen, you won’t be disappointed! 

7) Wing Bar

The next weekend, we did a little hiking at the creepy doll’s head trail and were craving wings afterward. We pulled up Happy Cow and the Wing Bar was nearby. It’s a tiny little hole in the wall place that has a separate vegan section for “Vings” (vegan wings). Compared to Cafe Sunflower, these wings were way better. Maybe it’s because of the value, we got 5 wings, french fries, and a drink all for $11. At Cafe Sunflower, we only got 3 wings for $9. At the Wing Bar, you can choose which kind of sauce you want and they have a wide array of varying spice levels. We tried the medium and the hottest ones they had. Definitely don’t get the hottest, you won’t be able to taste anything other than spice. The medium was perfect because they weren’t too spicy and you were able to get some other flavors out of them. The texture was good, not too chewy and fell apart in your mouth the right way, and they came on a little stick as well, which made it easy to eat. Overall, this place was fantastic, plus it’s a great deal overall.  

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