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The Best Vegan Brunches Across the United States

Brunch is, hands down, one of the best meals anyone can experience. It’s equal parts breakfast, lunch, and day drinking, all in one event. From savory hollandaise sauce to sweet maple syrup, brunch can be customized for everyone’s tastebuds. Looking to dive into this dining tradition? Check out the best vegan brunches across the United States!

Crossroads Kitchen | The Best Vegan Brunches Across the United States

Crossroads Kitchen

If you’ve never been to Crossroads Kitchen before, stop what you’re doing, book a trip to Los Angeles and go there for brunch because you’re about to sit down at the premiere brunch menu in all of the United States. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a bad option to eat, but if you’re a bit indecisive, check out the Khachapuri, a Georgian dish (as in the country) that will blow your mind. Freshly baked bread stuffed with cheese and topped with a vegan “egg” made of tomato, you’ll scarcely believe that you can pack that much flavor into each bite. Top it off with one of their fantastic bloody mary’s and you’ll already be thinking about how you can go back again the next day.

The Best Vegan Brunches Across the United States | Terrace Pointe Cafe, Las Vegas, NV

Terrace Pointe Cafe- Las Vegas, NV

What can we say that we haven’t already said about Terrace Pointe Cafe in Las Vegas, NV. This is not only one of the best vegan brunches across the United States, but their Chick’n and Waffles is one of the best meals overall! A delicious savory scallion waffle dusted with powder sugar and then topped with a crunchy vegan chicken breast smothered in a spicy syrup sauce. Yum! What more could you ask for? How about bottomless mimosas for as long as you’re sitting there! If you’re lucky, they’ll even give you a to-go mimosa. Now that’s a brunch worth experiencing!

The Best Vegan Brunches Across the United States | Sage Vegan Bistro, Los Angeles, CA

Sage Vegan Bistro – Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles has a plethora of vegan brunches across the city and more keep popping up all of the time, but the king of them all is Sage Vegan Bistro. With three locations, there’s no excuse as to why you can’t make your way here. On the menu, you’ll find tried and true brunch options like French Toast and pancakes, but you’ll also find more unique options like chilaquiles or the tempeh sausage florentine that includes a flakey biscuit base layer topped with tempeh sausage, spinach, avocado and covered in hollandaise sauce. Yum!

The Best Vegan Brunches Across the United States | Off The Griddle, Portland, OR

Off The Griddle – Portland, OR

If you’re a fan of biscuits and gravy, then you absolutely must put Portland, OR on your list of destinations. Hailed as the best vegan biscuits and gravy in the United States, Off The Griddle, makes their biscuits in-house which gives them the perfect amount of flakiness and flavor that you expect and then drenched in one of the most incredible non-mushroom based gravies. The kale, while not expected, goes really well with the dish and you’ll find you’re more than happy to eat your vegetables while consuming this masterpiece. Looking for something a bit heartier? Check out their Full Mess or Super Vegano Burrito. Pro-tip, get a side of the hollandaise sauce to go with the burrito!

The Best Vegan Brunches Across the United States | Veggie Galaxy, Boston, MA

Veggie Galaxy- Boston, MA

Your taste buds are about to go on an adventure as you dive into the stuffed French Toast from Veggie Galaxy. Jam-packed with vegan vanilla cream cheese, topped with caramelized banana, smothered in a strawberry sauce and doused in real maple syrup, you’ll be devouring this bite after bite. It’s just enough food to keep you from ordering a second helping no matter how badly you want it! Want something on the more savory side? Check out their buffalo wings which landed them on the list for the best vegan buffalo wings in the United States. They serve breakfast all day, so you can eat brunch at any time of the day.

The Best Vegan Brunches Across the United States | Watercourse Foods, Denver, CO

Watercourse Foods- Denver, CO

Watercourse Foods is the premier place to have brunch in Denver, CO. Care is taken throughout the entire process from picking their ingredients, to crafting their dishes, and the flavors go right along with the elegance of the presentation. They have quite an assortment of breakfast items available on their brunch menu, such as the stuffed french toast and the chicken and waffles. Don’t miss the benedict, which includes Canadian bacon and a tofu egg on top of an English muffin, smothered in hollandaise sauce. Is it even brunch if hollandaise isn’t included? Of course, they also have the traditional bloody mary or mimosa to go with any of their menu items.

Little Pine | The Best Vegan Brunches Across the United States

Little Pine

Moby’s restaurant, Little Pine, is well known throughout the animal rights industry because of his involvement with several non-profit charities. All of the proceeds from the sales are donated directly to help the animals, so going here is absolutely a win-win! Check out their biscuits and gravy which tout a fantastic flavor without all of the earthiness that usually comes with mushrooms. Or if you’re more of a sweet-tooth, dive into their massive cinnamon rolls which will have you scraping the plate to get every last drop of the icing!

Ladurée | The Best Vegan Brunches Across the United States


Having switched to an all-vegan menu in September 2019 thanks to Chef Matthew Kenny, Ladurée retains all of the adornments you would expect from the traditional French bakery, but now with none of the guilt. Definitely check out their high tea special which will give you a little bit of everything. It comes with 3 macarons, 2 finger sandwiches, a pastry, 2 cookies, and 2 jellies. Pair it with a nice cup of tea and you’ll be feeling fancy in no time! While it may not seem like a lot of food, most of the options are Idense and rich and will leave you wondering how you got so full. But if you’re looking for some more to nibble on, check out their vegan omelets or benedict which are scarily close to the real deal! Don’t leave without trying one of their gorgeous pastries.

Did we miss your favorite vegan brunch? Let us know down below in the comments!

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