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Vegan Guide to Sayulita, Mexico

When you think of Mexico and you envision people in shorts and linen shirts or flowy dresses, walking through the streets in bikinis while barefoot, and just having an overall fantastic time, then Sayulita is the place for you. Located on the western coast of Mexico in the state of Nayarit, Sayulita is a quintessential hippie town that just wants to have a good time man. If you find yourself ready to get out of the tourist hustle and bustle that is Puerto Vallarta and are looking to dine on some of the best food of your life, then look no further than our vegan guide to Sayulita, Mexico!

Vegan Guide to Sayulita, Mexico | Americua


If you only have a short time in Sayulita and are looking for fantastic food, then Americua should be at the top of your list. It is hands down, the best meal you can have in Sayulita. We recommend trying the menú del día which will be hand made in house and can differ from day to day. We had three tacos, all with a sunflower seed hummus-like base, and topped with the most incredible fresh ingredients you could ever have. The day we visited, the taco specials were corn and quinoa, garbanzo beans, and mushrooms and green beans. They also offer sandwiches, burgers, and other items, but really the taco special is the star here. The owner of the restaurant is the sweetest lady on this planet and she will make you feel right at home.

Vegan Guide to Sayulita, Mexico | Atico


If you’re in Sayulita for more than a day, then, by all means, grab a seat at Atico, and get ready for what is known as the highlight of this town- the nightlife. As an all-vegetarian hookah bar that also serves alcohol and has live music, you’re already getting the cream of the crop, but you’ll also be exposed to the street artists that set up shop as they travel down the main street and play music and dance with fire, all while barefoot. If you enjoy them, feel free to kick them a couple of pesos for their time and effort. As far as the food goes, definitely go with the build your own bowl as you can combine the freshest ingredients into a single dish that pairs well with a super cheap Corona!

Vegan Guide to Sayulita, Mexico | Yah-Yah Cafe

Yah Yah Cafe

A little bit off the beaten path, Yah Yah Cafe, was our first introduction to molletes. If you’ve never had them before, molletes are basically any beans spread on bread with any combination of toppings, but specifically, these were beans, vegan cheese and pico de gallo. However, Aaron found the secret by substituting the pico for avocado and thus made Mexican avocado toast. It was so delicious that we ended up eating it every morning we were in Sayulita. They have a few other vegan options as well such as bagels and non-dairy milks for your coffee or lattes. They are supposed to have vegan ice cream, but they were out of it while we were visiting.

Vegan Guide to Sayulita, Mexico | Yeikame


While not all vegan, Yeikame, has an all-vegan platter that is called the vegetarian platter. This was our first real exposure to homemade Mexican food and it is well worth the visit. Note, this platter is deceivingly huge and filled both of us up to the brim! The platter comes with four different options, poblano strips with corn, chipotle mushrooms, Mexican style potatoes, and nopales (cactus). All of this was stuffed into a homemade blue corn tortilla and will rock your socks off. One thing to note, their beans are out of this world!

Vegan Guide to Sayulita, Mexico | La Rustica

La Rustica

What’s that? Italian food in Mexico? Of course, there are many different options for restaurants in town and while La Rustica doesn’t have any specifically mentioned vegan options on their menu, with a few modifications, you can create an amazing meal. They hand-make all of their pizza dough and you can order it without cheese. Voila, you have a delicious flatbread topped to the brim with veggies that will leave you completely satiated. Looking for something different? Check out their pasta dishes, which you can substitute with rice or pumpkin-based pasta which are packed with incredible flavor! For an appetizer, don’t miss out on the tapenade, the home-made bread is absolutely incredible.

We hope you enjoyed our Vegan Guide to Sayulita. If we missed one of your favorite vegan restaurants, let us know down below in the comments.

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