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Aaron has always had a deep sense of wanderlust and has wanted to travel as much as possible.  Having already visited 49 of the 50 states, it didn’t take much convincing to downsize, buy an RV, and get out to see some of the hidden gems that this country has to offer.  He looks forward to visiting Alaska, the last state on his list, as well as revisiting some of the places he’s previously been to.  Aaron has been vegan since January 2014 after experiencing the annual dolphin slaughter in Japan as a Cove Guardian for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.  His career has taken him down more of a corporate path, but he has previously worked as a Webmaster for Sea Shepherd and continues to operate as a consultant for several animal rescue organizations.


Hayden has always loved to travel, ever since she was a little kid. She has been lucky enough to have taken some amazing trips around the world and is looking forward to exploring what the US has to offer. She has always wanted to live in a tiny house, in fact, the first conversation she and Aaron had, was about going tiny! Hayden has many bucket list items to fulfill and can’t wait to get to all of them! She is most excited to be able to bring their home and fur kids along for the journey. Hayden has been vegan since October 2010 and has a long history of working for animal rights organizations. She previously worked as a Campaigner for PETA, in fundraising for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and as the Campaign Manager for FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement).


Iggy, otherwise known as Pig Pie, is a very well traveled cat. Born in Pawtucket, RI, he has lived in 7 states prior to our full-time traveling, including Massachusetts, New York, California, Washington, Oregon, & Texas. He is 11 years old and is definitely the Jefe of the group. Iggy tolerates the other animals, but mostly just wants to be left alone to sleep or cackle at birds outside the window.


We adopted Lulu through the Austin Animal Center in July 2016.  She was brought into the system when she was just one year old after having her first litter of puppies.  Like most dogs in her situation, her puppies were quickly adopted out while she was left behind in her foster home.  After spending 7 months in foster care, we were introduced to her and immediately fell in love knowing that she was the perfect dog to join our growing clan.  She brings an energetic but extremely lovable personality to our family and enjoys going for hikes and getting out on the water. 


Paco came from the streets of East LA. He was found as a tiny little kitten in a co-workers art studio. He has always been a very active cat who loves to play with toys, bask in the sunlight, and watch birds out the window. He thinks he runs the house and tends to beat up on the little ones, but he is a softy at heart.

Mr. ManMr. Man

Mr. Man is a Maine Coon, who Hayden adopted on her birthday years ago. He is a super fluffy little scaredy cat. If you move too quickly, he will fly off of your lap to hide. He likes a very calm environment, where he can relax on your lap while demanding you pet his head. He took the little ones under his wing and takes care of everyone. He has a very expressive personality and you know what he is thinking, just by looking at his face.

Boo & JackBoo & Jack

We adopted Boo and Jack (Skellington) from the Portland Humane Society on October 31st, 2015. We specifically went in on Halloween looking for a black cat to join our family knowing that between Halloween and the difficulty of adopting out black cats, we could really make a difference. On the way there, Aaron suggested that we adopt two! While they look like brothers, they are not related and definitely exhibit completely different personalities. Jack is more rambunctious and energetic and Boo is way more laid back and relaxed.

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