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Hayden's Subaru

First things first- sell our cars!

Hayden's Subaru
Hayden’s Subaru

I first sold my Subaru Crosstek XV, which was the first move that made our upcoming travel plans real! We then had Aaron’s Nissan truck as our only vehicle for a couple of weeks.

When we first started this process, we started planning for a 5th wheel, which would require a huge dually truck. However, the space inside a truck is very limited. When we are actually on the road, how comfortable would we be with 5 cats, a dog, a chicken, and sometimes 3 people all crammed into a small space?

Aaron's Nissan
Aaron’s Nissan

So, the plan changed (as it does often- we are Pisces after all!). We agreed on a smaller and lighter trailer that could be pulled with an SUV. Having the extra space inside the car will be leagues more comfortable for everyone.

We settled on a Ford Expedition and went to trade in Aaron’s truck. Man is that thing a beast! It pulls 9200 pounds, which gives us a little wiggle room for some of the lighter trailers.

This car is so awesome! It will make the hours we spend driving much more comfortable, which is very important.

Now, we are one step closer to living our dream life! We just need to solidify which trailer we want and come up with the funds to buy it.

Ready go!

Ford Expedition Ford Expedition

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