We received the Sunshine Blogger Award

When we first started this blog, we weren’t quite sure where things were going to go.  We knew it was going to cover our basics; travel, vegan food, the fur kids, but we never thought we’d be given an award!  We received this award from Wanderlust Vegans and we appreciate their support!  If you’re looking for a blog to follow for fellow vegans who are traveling the world, check them out!

As a part of this award, they have given us a series of questions they would like us to answer for them and for all of our readers. So let’s just dive right in!

What is your preferred type of accommodation?

Right now, we are full timing in our RV around the United States, so we’ll just tell you about our favorite way to camp. Without a doubt, it’s going to be boondocking and specifically when we boondocked at Bolivar Peninsula near Galveston, TX.  We were able to pull right up onto the beach and woke up that whole weekend with the sunrise over the Gulf and the breeze coming in through the windows.  The kids really enjoyed the freedom of being out on our own and were able to roam the beach freely.  Once we get our solar panels installed, we plan on doing much more of this type of living.

What is your worst language barrier experience you were faced with?

Fortunately, we haven’t had too much of this just yet since we’ve been traveling exclusively in the US.

What is your favorite activity to do while traveling?

By far, it’s finding delicious vegan food to eat.  Some places we are so overwhelmed by our amount of choices, such as Los Angeles or Las Vegas for example.  Other places we have to hunt and hunt to find that one restaurant that has one or two items, like when we were in Hot Springs, AR.

When has a local gone out of their way to help you?

We’ve found that the locals are extremely helpful in finding those one-of-a-kind places to visit.  Those things that none of the tourist books or websites really tell you about.  Outside of the locals, we’ve found that people who travel in their RVs are some of the nicest people we have ever met and will generally offer a helping hand whenever and wherever they can.

How many trips do you plan for each year?

Traveling full time, we are constantly on a trip.  Prior to that, however, we were trying to travel to Las Vegas about once per year, plus a trip to each of our hometowns to visit family.  On top of that, we would try to take a couple of long weekends to close by locations depending on where we lived.  We’re both born for travel and love to experience new places and things!

Do you like to see tourist attractions? or live like the locals?

We tend to do a little bit of both but lean towards the tourist lifestyle.  Right now we are focusing on getting to as many of the national parks as possible, so we are playing the tourist card frequently.  If there’s a good hike out there, we want to know about it!

How do you plan your trips?

The first thing we do is try to pick out the areas we want to go to.  Places such as the northeast in the fall, the Florida Keys in the winter, so on and so forth.  Then from there, Hayden starts choosing a route between those locations and researching the different places we can stay.  Our final decision is based on what we can do in the area for the time we are going to be staying.

Do you use tour guides?

We have in the past, but generally, we try and figure things out on our own.  We do read a lot of our fellow RV travelers blogs to see where they went and stayed for ideas as well.

What is your best experience with a tour guide?

We had a fantastic tour guide for our Bulleit distillery tour we did in Louisville, KY.  We were fortunate enough to be the only people on the last tour of the day and because of that, it was a very relaxed tour and we learned a lot!

Have you ever arrived somewhere and wanted to leave immediately?

Not immediately, but after a few days, we know whether or not we are ready to move on to the next location.

If money wasn’t an issue – Where would you go?

Everywhere!  First, Aaron would go to Scotland.  Hayden would be heading towards South America.  From there, we would travel the rest of the world, piece by piece.

That’s it!  Hopefully, it was as informative for you as it was fun for us.  We would like to nominate the following blogs for the Sunshine Blogger Award.  We have met all of these great people on our travels and love keeping up with them through their blogs and social media.  Check them out and tell them we sent you!

The Veltkamper Adventure– When we first started talking about doing this whole traveling by RV adventure, Hayden mentioned that she knew of someone who was doing the same exact thing that she had met through her time with PETA.  We’ve had the chance to meet up with them along our adventures and always enjoy their company.

It’s a Wanderful RV Life– We met Chris and Rachel while we were staying in San Marcos at Pecan Park Riverside RV Park and enjoyed their company.  We had a few beers while enjoying some bonfires at our site and shared some good laughs!

Roamin’ Ryans– We also met Paul and Heather while staying at Pecan Park during the somewhat daily dog meeting at the dog runs in the park.  With Paul being in the technical field, he and Aaron found a lot in common to chat about and we enjoyed hanging out with them and having some drinks.

For their questions we would like to ask the following:

  1. What made you decide to start RVing full time?
  2. What is the one piece of advice you wish you would have gotten before you started?
  3. What do you miss most (if anything) about living in a house?
  4. How do you go about planning your travels?
  5. What is the one thing you cannot live without?
  6. Where has been your favorite place to visit?
  7. What’s your least favorite “from the road” memory?
  8. What’s your dream destination?
  9. Do you prefer bigger parks with more amenities or smaller, less crowded places?
  10. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen while on the road?
  11. What’s the best meal you’ve had while traveling?

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