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Nikkor 18-55mm lens, Sigma 70-300mm lens, Tamron 150-600mm lens

We currently utilize three different lenses on our Nikon D3200 for all of our major photography needs and each one of these lenses serves a different purpose for us.  Our Nikkor 18-55mm lens came with the kit that Aaron originally bought and is what we primarily use for all of our landscape photography. It is also generally the lens that we keep on our camera the majority of the time.  It’s an extremely versatile lens that has helped us take photos of everything from the night skies at Big Bend to the magnificent sunset over Horseshoe Bend and everything in between.  With the image stabilization and vibration reduction built in, it’s extremely easy to take beautiful crisp shot each and every time!

Our second lens that we use is our Sigma 70-300mm lens which also came with the kit that Aaron originally bought.  We commonly carry this lens with us everywhere we go as it is great for taking photos of wildlife that are nearby but helps to keep you away from them at a safe distance.  We use it for anything from wildlife to general landscape and nature photography and is a great all purpose lens.  The one thing we wish that it had was the vibration reduction, but after using it for several years, we have learned to mitigate the effects of not having it.

Our final lens that we have in our bag is the Tamron 150-600mm lens which Aaron bought after living on San Juan Island and watching the whales swim by.  This thing is a beast and weighs upwards of 6 pounds which can make it extremely fatiguing to use long term.  To help with this, we suggest either using a tripod or letting the weight rest against an object while you are taking your photos.  While 6 pounds might not seem like a lot until you’ve been holding it up for minutes on end trying to get that perfect shot!  We use this exclusively for long range photography when we want to capture wildlife but want to keep a respectable distance away from them.  It does also include the image stabilization and vibration reduction which can cause a delay in the time between pressing the shutter release and the photo being taken.

All of these lenses are great and serve their purposes, but we are looking for more to add to our gear bag.  Specifically one of the next ones we want to pick up is a wide angle fish eye style lens.  While we love our Nikkor 18-55mm lens, there are times where it cannot capture the entire field of view that we want.  If you have any great suggestions, feel free to let us know in the comments down below!

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