Shooting Vlogs with our Sony DSC-HX80 Camera

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For the first year of our travels, we shot all our videos on our GoPro Hero 5, which worked great in the beginning while we figured out what kind of video we wanted to be making. This also gave us time to figure out what kind of features we needed in a new camera.  Originally, we planned on going with a camcorder, since we didn’t need it to take photos, just video, but we came across the Sony DSC-HX80 and immediately realized it had way better quality than what we were looking at.  Granted the GoPro is designed to be used as an action camera and not an everyday vlogging camera and comparing the two isn’t really fair, but the quality difference between them is extreme. 


We now have better video quality, better sound, built-in stabilization, a tilting screen so we can see what’s in view, and the zoom is fantastic. It also has face detection focus and will follow the persons face that is on camera to keep them in focus while they’re moving around. The Sony DSC-HX80 also has a tripod mount on the bottom, so we have installed a Gorilla Pod mount to be able to stand it up on the ground, on a table, wrap it around handlebars, etc. Because it is still a smaller camera, we can easily throw it into a bag or our pocket without it being too bulky.  


There aren’t very many cons, but one would be the size, even though its also a pro.  The best part about the GoPro was how small and discreet it was whereas the Sony DSC-HX80 is the size of a normal camera.  It also doesn’t shoot very well in low light- the footage comes out very grainy. Finally, there’s no external microphone hookup so we’re forced to rely on the built in microphone.  While this is far superior to the GoPro, it is still very susceptible to wind and the direction in which it is pointing.

Overall, we are VERY happy with our purchase, especially as our first “real” vlogging camera. It is something that we will be able to use for quite some time and deliver great footage which increases the overall value we can provide.

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