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Parked at Pace Bend County Park

Pace Bend County Park, Texas

We met up with our full-timing friends, the Veltkamper Adventure, who were in town visiting Austin. They were staying at Pace Bend County Park on Lake Travis and suggested we join them for a week. Within minutes, we had booked a reservation and the next morning we packed up and drove out! It was such an amazing week and was a complete validation on why we decided to RV full time.

There was NOBODY else at the campground and we got to experience all the nature that we could. It was so amazing to wake up in our own bed, with all of our belongings, in a beautiful, peaceful, campsite right on the lake. We had all the fur kids outside while we worked, but we also worked inside with all the windows and front door wide open, allowing the perfect breeze to flow through the camper. We couldn’t have asked for a better first time experience and we can’t wait for all the fun adventures we have planned.

While we were camping here, Lulu showed us a whole new side of her personality. We have never seen Lulu as happy as she was frolicking through the lakeshore. We adopted Lulu about 8 months ago and we tried to get her to enjoy being on/in the water and she just never seemed to like it. It was decided she was more of a cat, than a dog, so we never had high hopes that she would be the river rat we so desired her to be. Upon arriving at Lake Travis, we walked her down to this amazing little peninsula to let her off the leash and she ran and played like we’ve never seen before! She was racing in and out of the water, sometimes so deep that she was swimming, hopping like a rabbit through the shallow water. It was so amazing!

Our nights were filled with laughter, bonfires, delicious vegan food, and being around friends.  Some nights we took turns preparing dinner for all six of us, sometimes working together in tandem, to enjoy food, conversation, and a bottle of wine or cocktails.

Pace Bend County Park was an extremely tranquil and peaceful place and we couldn’t have asked for a better place for our first “on the road experience.”

Campground Information

Campsite #: 12

Notes about campground: Hookups include water and electric. Showers/ toilets centrally located at the campground. Dump station is on the way out.  Campsite included a picnic table and fire pit. Lots of room between campsites.

Cell coverage: Great cell service

Dog-friendly: Yes, Lulu had a blast running around out on the lake.

Weekly Rate:  $10 non-refundable reservation fee + $132/ week

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