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Hitchin’ Post RV Park, Las Vegas, Nevada

After doing our research on where we could stay in Las Vegas, we came up with Hitchin’ Post and Circus Circus. We ultimately chose Hitchin’ Post since we kept hearing about all of the crime that happens at Circus Circus. The check in process was pretty smooth overall. There is marked parking for RV’s in front of the office. The office itself is open 24 hours a day but has a locked entry door in which you need to be buzzed in. They only accept cash or check for payment and there are some fees and taxes that you have to pay up front, as well as some deposits for a garage door opener and keys to the pool area / smaller entry door. The entire park is gate controlled which is what the garage door opener is for.

We started off our stay in Vegas with a bang… literally. As we were turning towards the area where we were parking for the month, Aaron accidentally clipped another RV’s mirror with the back end of our camper and snapped the mirror arm. Whoops! Luckily the guy was extremely nice about it and the whole process of filing the insurance claim and getting the repairs lined up went really smoothly.

The park is pretty heavily populated with full-time residents, many of whom know each other very well, and are all generally friendly and pretty quiet. There are some pretty good amenities which include a full-size pool and a laundry room with about a dozen or so washers and dryers to do your laundry in. A full load is about $4 both washing and drying, but they have bigger machines so you can do multiple loads at once. There’s also a small bar and restaurant right outside the gates which is open 24 hours. There weren’t really any vegan-friendly options outside of fries, but we did take advantage of those a few times. However, they allow smoking in the bar which kept us from ever venturing in there for long.

The one downside and I must say it is a big one, is you are right under the air force base. We thought the noise at Dockweiler was bad, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the sound of fighter jets rumbling over your head. While they didn’t fly over nearly as frequently as the planes coming out of LAX did, the noise levels were at least 3 times louder. This made it nearly impossible to hold Skype meetings or even have a conversation amongst ourselves. Sometimes the jets were so low and so loud that it rumbled our RV to the point where the kids got scared.

That being said, Hitchin’ Post itself really doesn’t have any major issues and if you can put up with the sound of the fighter jets, it’s a good place to stay. You’re only about 20 minutes from the strip which is close enough to be accessible, but far enough away to where you’re not spending every moment there. We wouldn’t be opposed to coming back here, but definitely not for a month. But that’s more-so because spending a month in Las Vegas is a VERY expensive month with all of the food options here.

Campground information

Name: Hitchin’ Post RV Park
Location: 3640 N Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89115
Campsite: #103
Campground Notes: The campground is large with paved roads and gravel parking spots which are pretty level. We had full hookups, however, our view was of the Wal-mart distribution center. That being said, we were all the way in the back of the park with our spot.
Dog-friendly: Yes and there are two dog run areas in the park, one of which was conveniently right outside our space.
Rates: $500 month + electric + 13% state lodging tax (one time fee)+ $150 deposit
Discounts: Good Sam


Verizon: Our connection was slow pretty much all day every day
TMobile: Our connection was decent during the day, but was slow during the evening
Camp wifi: The connection was decent but very unstable. We were constantly disconnected or would have troubles connecting
Camp ethernet: This is the first place that offered a full ethernet connection. We could not take advantage of that as we do not have a router at the moment.

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