Vegan Triple Baconator

Aaron’s vegan adventure started just a few years ago and prior to that, he was, as he puts it, “one of the most unhealthy eaters on the planet.”  It wasn’t uncommon for him to demolish a triple baconator from Wendy’s, large fry, and a large drink for lunch without even second guessing it or even feeling bad afterward. So when he became a vegan, he gave all of that up and committed to eating salads and plain vegetables, right?  Wrong! He set out to create the vegan triple baconator!

Aaron will tell you, he gave up meat because of the animals and doesn’t want to consume any animal products but that if you take the animal out of meat, he would eat it in a heartbeat.  Aaron had previously made a vegan version of the triple baconator about 2 years ago using Boca burgers and the results were decent, but nothing really to write home about.  Enter the Beyond Meat Beyond Burger.

We had our first opportunity with these at Veggie Grill when we got to Los Angeles.   Having not had Veggie Grill in almost a year, we were excited to be able to feast upon their delicious menu.  Aaron had already made up his mind that he was going to get a buffalo bomber and an order of buffalo wings and if you’ve been following along on our food adventures, you’ll notice a pattern here.  Anytime there is buffalo, we order buffalo. However, after looking at the menu, we noticed that Veggie Grill was offering the Beyond Burger instead of their original VG Cheeseburger.  Aaron had been wanting to try it, so he opted to get a double. If you’re going to do something, you may as well go all the way.  It was hands down, one of THE best vegan burgers we’ve ever had.  Naturally, he realized that this was the patty he was going to use for his next attempt at recreating the vegan triple baconator.  You know, for science.

These patties cook much like what we remember beef burgers cooking like.  They even look, smell and “bleed” like a hamburger, which admittedly can be a bit off-putting to vegans.  However, they do not take any real work to make delicious as they are incredibly well-seasoned.

All in all, the vegan triple baconator was an incredible success even though it was nearly impossible to eat as presented.  That being said, it is definitely not much “healthier” than the Wendy’s triple baconator negating the myth that we so commonly hear that “vegan food is healthy.”  You can see the differences for yourself in the nutritional facts below.

Vegan Triple Baconator Nutrition
Wendy’s Vegan

We topped the Beyond burger patties with Upton’s Naturals seitan bacon and Field Roast Chao cheese. The burgers themselves were so delicious, that we must have eaten them almost every day for the next 2 weeks.

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