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Tulum Vegan Food Tour

Tulum has recently topped the charts for it’s boho-chic instagram spots, Mayan ruins, white-sandy beaches, and it’s surplus of incredible vegan food. Almost everywhere you look, you’ll be able to find a gorgeous plate of vegan noms and we’re here to show you 7 can’t-miss spots to eat on a Tulum vegan food tour.

La Hoja Verde | Tulum Vegan Food Tour

La Hoja Verde

If you’re looking for a wide range of food options, La Hoja Verde is the spot for you. From Mexican dishes like tacos, sopes, and bowls, to falafel plates, pasta, and burgers, you’re bound to find something to tickle just about anyone’s tastebuds. With a fun outdoor dining space, delicious cocktails, and an easy to access location, this veg restaurant is bound to be on your list more than once during your visit. Don’t miss the sopes that come with a fried corn base that holds an avocado mousse, a perfectly grilled tomato and is drizzled in a spicy chili oil. You’ll be sad that there are only two in the order!

Suculenta Tamalería | Tulum Vegan Food Tour

Suculenta Tamalería

Vegan tamales aren’t all that easy to come by in Mexico, which is surprising because the ingredients are generally very simple. So, if you want to make sure you don’t miss this traditional Mexican dish (and believe us, you DON’T want to miss them) then make your way to Suculenta Tamalería in Tulum. It’s a tiny little hole-in-the-wall restaurant where literal abuelas (grandmas) are cooking your food. Sit in the backyard on the outside patio and enjoy an array of homemade tamales featuring some delicious flavor combinations like mole and mushrooms, or lentils and chiles. They also offer some other Mexican dishes like chilaquiles, pozole, and tacos featuring homemade tortillas that are to die for.

Liefs | Tulum Vegan Food Tour


Run, don’t walk, to the cutest little vegan food truck you’ll ever see. Liefs is a tiny outdoor restaurant space and music venue that makes it’s delicious cuisine out of a converted VW van. The BBQ pulled pork sandwich is the best thing we ate in Tulum- hands down! It’s so good, we ate it more than once. The pulled pork is made out of jackfruit and is tender and packed full of BBQ flavor. It comes on a fun charcoal black bun with lettuce, tomato, and pickles. You won’t want to stop eating this sandwich because it’s THAT good. They also have delicious desserts like crepes and banana bread that are a great way to end your meal.

El Bajón | Tulum Vegan Food Tour

El Bajón

Vegan tacos don’t have to be JUST vegetables and El Bajón does vegan tacos in a big way. They are super creative with their vegan “meats” like carnitas made out of oyster mushrooms, soy-based suadero, jackfruit pibil, chicharron with mushrooms and oats, or chickpea chorizo. The best part about the tacos at El Bajón though, are the prices! Each taco is only 25 pesos which is about $1.25 USD. You can eat tacos until you’re too full to move- and that’s exactly what you SHOULD do. Come hungry!

The Pitted Date | Tulum Vegan Food Tour

The Pitted Date

If you’re looking for consistently delicious food down the entire menu, then don’t miss The Pitted Date, especially for breakfast. We ate here so often, that we tried one of everything on the menu. If you’re looking for a more traditional Mexican dish, you can’t go wrong with the chilaquiles, which is corn tortillas lightly fried and smothered in a delicious red sauce. It’s then doused in a cashew cream and topped with cheese. It’s absolute perfection! They also cook up delicious breakfast sandwiches that you can even get on a vegan croissant paired with their in-house “egg omelette.” Or if you’re looking for something on the sweeter side, try the French toast, pancakes, or waffles which are doused in sweet syrup and berry compote.

Laylo | Tulum Vegan Food Tour


It’s not too often you come across a “vegan lounge” but you can find live music and delicious food with unique flavors at Laylo. While there are only a handful of tables, you’ll definitely want to try to get a seat because their dishes are unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere in Tulum. Take for example their “sushi burger.” It’s deep fried rice as the “bun” and has nori wrapped fried plantains as the patty. Plus a little chipotle mayo rounds out the flavors. Think a sushi roll, but as a burger- MIND BLOWN. They also have other fun dishes like an al pastor pizza made out of jackfruit and topped with pineapple and micro greens. The food is also beautifully plated- which makes everything taste better.

Co.Con Amor | Tulum Vegan Food Tour

Co.Con Amor

The healthiest and least-processed restaurant on the list has to be Co.Con Amor. It’s amazing what they can do with plain, authentic ingredients that really highlight authentic Mexican cuisine. Like this Cubano Bowl that starts with a bed of brown rice, has roasted beets and carrots, sprouted lentils and pumpkin seeds, and is topped with an avocado. With a very mild sauce to drizzle on top, it’s absolute perfection. You really get to taste all the individual flavors that each element of the dish has to offer. Don’t miss the Thai rolls too that are bursting with unique flavor combinations like coconut and mint, mixed in with a Thai spring roll. Delicious!

Did we miss your favorite spot on our Tulum vegan food tour? Let us know below with the restaurant name and the dish you would recommend everyone order!

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