Living the Full-Time RV Lifestyle Isn’t All Fun and Games

From Hayden: 

My family is currently off on a wild adventure overseas in Croatia and Ireland and I have SERIOUS FOMO (fear of missing out.) This whole post might come across as a “pity party” but I think some of these feelings are worth sharing. Living the full-time RV lifestyle isn’t all fun and games. While we are always in a new place and going on amazing adventures, it almost feels like traveling the US is just something that we are trying to “get through” until we can do what we REALLY want to do- explore the world. While it may seem like we’re on a perpetual vacation, we’re really not. We still have the day-to-day chores, work, taking care of the fur kids, etc. A vacation would be exploring somewhere new without any of our day to day responsibilities and without spending most of our time working. 

That’s not to say that I’d rather be in a house or an apartment and stationary. That’s not the case AT ALL. It’s a blessing that we get to travel this way. Plus, we’re not in a position to be able to afford full-time international travel. On top of that, we’re responsible for our kids, both fur and human alike. Aryanna, Aaron’s daughter, can’t fly internationally on her own yet and we can’t just up and leave the country and leave our fur kids behind.

Our current goal is to exhaust travel in the US. We want to hit every state, visit every National Park, and eat at as many vegan restaurants as we possibly can. We’re estimating this will take about another 6- 7 years. We’re about to start our trek down the East coast and will likely do another loop to visit everything we are going to miss on the first loop. After that, we are heading West, which will likely take us about 4 years to REALLY explore thoroughly. Plus, we can’t forget Alaska (Aaron’s last state to visit)! 

When we are finally finished, we are looking to possibly buy some land in a tropical location, which has yet to be determined- maybe Nicaragua or Belize. On that land, we want to potentially open up a small bed and breakfast or maybe a Tiny House Hotel or a compound of shipping container homes or earthships. The possibilities are endless! From there, what would be our “home base,” we can hire someone to help keep things running, help take care of our fur kids, and we can be off on some of our desired international explorations. Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait! 

We just need a little vacation to clear our heads and focus. We’ve asked this before on Facebook and no one has responded, but we are dead serious. If we parked our trailer somewhere awesome, would someone want to come live in it for a week (or two) and take care of the fur kids so we can go on vacation? Think of a National Park, in a lush forest or dry desert- anywhere you want! We never did get to take a Honeymoon…  🙂

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