We Bought a DJI Spark Drone

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We’ve been talking about getting a drone for quite some time but because Aaron can’t make a purchase without meticulously researching it, we weren’t quite sure what we wanted to get.  We knew we didn’t want to put ourselves into an expensive pro-level drone since it was our first one.  We started getting excited about the DJI Mavic Pro because of its portability and how it completely collapsed into a small package, but it was still a bit pricey and the pro tag made us wonder if it would be “too much drone” for us.  That’s when DJI announced the Spark drone.  We really liked the size of them as the body is smaller than an iPhone 8 plus and can be palm launched/landed.  After some additional research and watching videos, we decided to pull the trigger!

We ended up getting a blue DJI Spark with the Fly More Combo specifically because it came with the controller and an extra battery, on top of containing propeller guards and a shoulder bag.  After unboxing everything and charging up the batteries, we were slammed by a litany of firmware updates that needed to happen to both the drone and the controller.  This can be pretty disheartening when you’re really excited to try out your brand new toy.  We took the downtime to go through the required FAA registration since it was heavy enough to need to be registered.  Once that was all complete, we set everything up and got prepared to launch our first flight.

Once we got it in the air, it didn’t take long to be able to understand how the controls are set up.  Luckily, Aaron has spent a good portion of his early years playing video games and he feels that has translated well here.  There are a ton of options in the application and most of them we haven’t even begun to explore, but one of the greatest options is to set the drone in “follow-mode” which does exactly what it sounds like.  You can target an object on the screen and as it moves, the drone will move with it, keeping it centered as much as possible.

There are additional features such as being able to take selfies and to automate a spin around an object, but we are still diving into all of the advanced features the drone has.  We’ve already learned a ton about what it can do and have gotten some really cool footage, but we can’t wait to see what we can do with it once we fully understand it!

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