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Endless Caverns RV Park, New Market, Virginia

After an intense week in New York City, we were dying to get back into nature so we packed up our home and moved down to Endless Caverns RV Park just outside of New Market, Virginia.  Upon arrival, we were greeted by the maintenance worker who welcomed us to our new favorite campground.  By the time he escorted us to our campsite, we knew that he wasn’t lying!

We were escorted to our site, which we were grateful for, which was located all the way in the back of the campground in the back row.  We were fortunate enough to get a spot where we had absolutely nobody next to us.  We could have easily fit 4 or 5 RVs in between us and our closest neighbor.  Not only that, we were tucked in underneath some tall oaks that were on full display of fall colors.  The air was crisp and cool most of the time we were here, but not cold.  It really was everything that we wanted.

On top of being in the middle of nowhere, the RV park also had their own entrance to the Endless Caverns underground caves.  We took advantage of this by going on one of their tours and it turned out to be a MUCH better experience than what we had at Mammoth Caves National Park.  We highly recommend checking them out, but you can learn all about it in our blog post about Endless Caverns.

The kids really enjoyed this campground as well.  Being tucked so far in the back, Brienne was able to really flex her wings and alternate between sunbathing on the rocks and scratching in the leaves.  Lulu was also able to rustle around in the leaves nearby and even do a little exploring with the hiking trails that are available to campers.

Campground information

Name: Endless Caverns RV Park
Location: 1800 Endless Caverns Rd, New Market, VA 22844
Campsite: #C57
Campground Notes: The area is big and has some incredible spaces available.  Our site was fairly level and covered in gravel with full hookups and two different fire pits.
Dog-friendly: Yes, there are no specific dog runs, but they are allowed pretty much anywhere.
Rates: $487.20 for two weeks



Our Verizon connection was awful. Speed test showed 0.684 Mbps download and 2.63 Mbps upload


Our AT&T connection was ok and turned out to be our primary connection.  Speed test showed 1.75 Mbps download and 3.34 Mbps upload


Our TMobile connection was awful.  Speed test showed 0.5 Mbps download and 1.46 Mbps upload

Camp wifi

They did not have campground wifi

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