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The Best Vegan Buffalo Wings in the US

If you’ve been following along with our adventures for awhile, you will know that we have a deep-rooted love of anything buffalo. We thought it was only fitting to put together a list of the best vegan buffalo wings in the US! We have differing opinions about the spice level that make up a good buffalo wing, Aaron prefers spicy much more than Hayden, so we take...

Food Trucks, Austin, Texas

We have eaten at so many amazing food trucks here in Austin. We thought we would review them all in one post, since a couple we don’t have photos for, but are definitely worth raving about!

The Beer Plant, Austin, Texas

The Beer Plant is probably one of our favorite restaurants in Austin. Their motto is “Drink Beer. Eat Plants. Be Happy.” It only just opened in September 2016, so it is fairly new. It has a very welcoming atmosphere and is a little more upscale than most vegan restaurants. We have eaten there twice and both times we waited for a table, due to the...