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The Best Vegan Buffalo Wings in the US

If you’ve been following along with our adventures for awhile, you will know that we have a deep-rooted love of anything buffalo. We thought it was only fitting to put together a list of the best vegan buffalo wings in the US! We have differing opinions about the spice level that make up a good buffalo wing, Aaron prefers spicy much more than Hayden, so we take that into account in the reviews. The list has been separated by seitan strips, drumsticks, and cauliflower wings. It was so hard to choose which ones we liked the best, so these are in no particular order! 

Seitan buffalo strips: 

Bean Vegan Cuisine- Asheville, NC

Asheville is a vegan mecca and the food in this city is absolutely superb. So, it’s no surprise that this city would make the list. Our three main criteria for wing quality are the texture of the wings, the level of heat in the buffalo sauce, and the dipping sauce on the side. The wings from Bean Vegan Cuisine checked all the boxes that make up a fantastic plate, the texture was just right, the sauce wasn’t too spicy but packed a good punch, and we were really impressed with the bleu cheese dipping sauce.

The Chicago Diner- Chicago, IL

The buffalo seitan wings from the Chicago Diner might actually be our favorite wings, but it’s hard to say. They come with vegan ranch & celery and can be ordered BBQ or spicy buffalo style.  The sauce is a great combination of heat and sweetness to where we were both able to enjoy them thoroughly. The seitan had a great texture that wasn’t too chewy and almost fell apart in your mouth. They are super dense and filling, so they’re great as a shared appetizer before your meal. 

Veggie Galaxy- Boston, MA

Veggie Galaxy is the best vegan restaurant in Boston and they have amazing food overall, but these wings are some of the best we’ve had!  The seitan reminded us of the ones from Chicago Diner in terms of texture and the sauce reminded us of the sauce from Veggie Grill, which we love.  When you combine the two of those together with the great dipping sauce they come with, you have a winner! 

Sluggos- Chattanooga, TN

Sluggos is an all-vegan restaurant that offers HUGE portions and we wish we could have tried more of their menu. These buffalo wings are breaded and grilled seitan covered in buffalo sauce with a side of ranch. They had amazing texture and were super dense, but weren’t too chewy. The sauce had the perfect amount of heat to it and definitely wasn’t too spicy. We wanted to order a second plate because they were that good! 


Doomies- Los Angeles, CA / Toronto, ON

Doomie’s is one of our favorite restaurants because they offer the ultimate comfort food. Their wings come in a basket, smothered in sauce with ranch dressing for dipping. They have a sugar stick in the middle of the wing, which are actually edible, and they allow you to hold them as you would a non-vegan wing! The sauce is phenomenal and the wings are a little on the chewy side but are a fantastic starter to your meal. 

Wing Bar- Atlanta, GA

For a small hole-in-the-wall restaurant that only focuses on wings, it’s exciting that The Wing Bar has vegan options. You can choose from a wide array of sauces that range from mild to incredibly hot. We recommend going with a medium sauce that has a little heat but still allows you to taste the flavor of the wings. The blue cheese dipping sauce didn’t look like it would be enough but turned out to be the perfect amount to enjoy with every bite. 

Cauliflower buffalo wings:

The Beer Plant- Austin, TX

You can order the wings from the Beer Plant in either mild or spicy, so we ordered one of each. They come beer battered and are honestly the BEST buffalo cauliflower that we have ever had. The batter was crispy and light on the outside and the cauliflower was cooked to perfection on the inside. They also come with fantastic blue cheese sauce for dipping. We still talk about these cauliflower wings almost two years after eating them. 

Paisley vegan kitchen- Cocoa Beach, FL

In an area with little to no vegan options, Paisley Vegan Kitchen is a breath of fresh air and their buffalo cauliflower bites are incredible! The cauliflower florets are battered and fried, then coated in spicy buffalo sauce. The batter they were fried in was fantastic, the buffalo sauce wasn’t too spicy and packed just the right amount of punch, and the cauliflower was perfectly cooked and a bit crunchy on the inside. Definitely order these, or order two, because they are perfection!

What did we miss? Where have you found the best vegan wings? Let us know below in the comments! 

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