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Malibu Beach RV Park, California

After spending 3 weeks at Dockweiler RV Park, we were fortunate enough to spend our last week in Los Angeles at Malibu Beach RV Park. Shortly after we arrived and started to get everything setup, we saw that there were dolphins swimming out in the water! A great welcoming party! We knew right away that this was going to be a fabulous location to camp for the...

Dockweiler RV Park, California

Here are some pros and cons of staying at Dockweiler. Pro: steps to the sand Con: the bike path runs between the park and the sand with lots of traffic Pro: access to the fire pits on the beach Con: directly underneath LAX Pro: convenient location to everything in LA Con: very tight spaces with little to no room between rigs Aaron has always had a dream of...

Our rig on the beach

Bolivar Peninsula, Texas

The Bolivar Peninsula is on the Gulf Coast of Texas, about an hour southeast of Houston. There is a section called the Bolivar Flats, near Crystal Beach and right next to a bird sanctuary, where the sand stretches far enough for people to camp. This place was SO amazing and it was such a trip to drive our house straight onto the beach and park. We stopped at The Big...