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Dockweiler RV Park, California

Here are some pros and cons of staying at Dockweiler.

  • Pro: steps to the sand
  • Con: the bike path runs between the park and the sand with lots of traffic
  • Pro: access to the fire pits on the beach
  • Con: directly underneath LAX
  • Pro: convenient location to everything in LA
  • Con: very tight spaces with little to no room between rigs

Aaron has always had a dream of living in Southern California and for a couple weeks, he got to live out that boyhood dream. For the first two weeks we stayed there, we were in the front row and right on the beach.

The front row would normally have been an incredible spot to have, however, we got there while the berm was still up which helps protect the park from the waves and wind during the winter. It’s basically a huge mound of sand that blocked our view of the ocean. They finally took it down when we had about 4 days left before moving to the back row, so we at least had a couple good days with a view. They have dates on the website for when the berm is up, so you know before you book.

One of the downsides of this place is that we felt like we were packed in like pickles, which seems to be pretty common with RV parks. Our slides came out right to the line that divided the spots, cramping our neighbors’ picnic table and seating area.  Also, the hookups were too far away from our connections, so we had to buy a longer drinking hose and sewer extension.

While we were in the front row, we experienced several days of some of the most intense fog we have ever witnessed. People were referring it to being similar to the “June Gloom” that happens in LA, but this was the early part of March! Visibility was down to less than a quarter mile at some points and there were days where you couldn’t even see the water line from our rig!

A huge downside to this park is being located directly underneath LAX. From 5 AM until about midnight, every 90 seconds or so, there is an airplane taking off right over your heads. This can make it difficult to work, attend Skype calls, and sometimes even to just have a normal conversation so if this is a problem for you, you may want to look elsewhere.

There wasn’t a lot of room to set up chairs and the grill, and we had to buy some additional things, but it was worth it to have the beach steps from our front door! We basically had our own private beach entrance. We could drop our chairs right in the sand and relax in the sun without a lot of effort. The park is also conveniently located to everything in LA.

After two weeks in the front row, we moved to the back row as we had decided to extend our stay in LA from 2 weeks to a full month (more on that in a bit). Surprisingly, we actually enjoyed the back more than we did in the front. Specifically, because there was much less foot traffic by our RV and the fact that we had a little bit of grass that we could hang out in. We were able to spread out our chairs and set up Brienne’s outdoor pen so that she could spend some time outside.

When we first arrived at Dockweiler we spent about 8 seconds in the sand before deciding to extend our trip.  It was going to be a better experience for Aryanna if she came to LA instead of Las Vegas to spend some time on the beach. Plus we had a lot of people to see and things we wanted to do while we were there, so having the extra time would allow us to do that. We went up to the office, asked them if it would be an issue to extend our stay to four weeks and were told that they had availability and it wouldn’t be a problem. So, we booked our third and fourth weeks in their system and put down our deposits.

After our third week, we were all set to move to our next spot, just one space over.  Aaron went to go get our new tags and we were informed that we had stayed 21 days and that we could not stay any longer than that in a 60 day period, even though their online system let us make the reservation. The manager was incredibly rude, offered no real explanation, said there was nothing she could do and we had to leave within the hour. She then said it would take 10-45 business days for us to get our deposit back.

Overall, Dockweiler RV Park isn’t all that great, but the location is EVERYTHING. There are very few options of RV parks in LA, so you take the good with the bad.

Being “kicked out” was a blessing in disguise because we ended up spending our last week in Malibu, which was absolutely amazing. Stay tuned for our review on Malibu Beach RV park!

Campground information

Name: Dockweiler RV Park
Location: 12001 Vista Del Mar, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293
Campsite: #31 (2 weeks), #108 (1 week)
Campground Notes: The campground is a parking lot divided into three rows divided by motorhomes and trailers. The front row is right off of the beach, while the middle and back rows offer a grassy area.
Dog-friendly: Yes. Each pet is $3 per pet per day. Dogs are not allowed on the beach but they do have a sand filled dog run (which Lulu absolutely loved!)
Rates: $920 (plus pet fee) for 2 weeks in the front row, $395 (plus pet fee) for 1 week in the back row

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