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V-Eats Modern Vegan, Dallas, Texas

We first heard about V-Eats Modern Vegan when they picked up  media attention surrounding their vegan brisket.  Aaron, being a hardcore ex-meat eater, was immediately excited to try it.  We then set out on a quest to find an excuse for us to go up to Dallas and give this place a try. 

As soon as we looked at the menu, we knew we were going to end up ordering about 7 or 8 different options to split between the two of us, which we commonly do when we try a new restaurant.

First up, Hayden got the fried pickles.  Since Aaron do not like pickles, these were entirely hers and she thought they were amazing! They were full spears, which is rare; usually they are thinly sliced before being deep-fried. They came with a buffalo dipping sauce and a ranch-type sauce. Overall- fantastic.

Next up arrived the Bar-V-Q Brisket sandwich and boy did it deliver.  The combination of the smoked and blackened ends of the brisket, slathered in BBQ sauce and topped with red onions (and pickles for Hayden) was exactly what I had hoped for.  Had we not already ordered everything else, Aaron would have immediately ordered at least two more of them.  This came with a side of fries, which were seasoned well, but ultimately played a supporting role.  We cannot recommend the vegan brisket enough.

Then the Buffalo Mac N Cheese arrived.  Any restaurant we go to, if it has buffalo anything or mac and cheese on the menu, it’s a surefire guarantee that we are going to order it. So, when we saw they had the one dish that provided both, we knew it was a no-brainer.  We didn’t expect it to be buffalo CAULIFLOWER (another dish we always order off any menu), nor did we expect it to be topped with greens, but that did nothing but improve our likeness of the dish.  They make their own cheese sauce, which is also their nacho cheese. They also added what seemed like a bit of parmesan cheese, some kind of nut mixture, which was good as well.

Finally we had the V-Eats and Mythical Salmon sushi.  By the time these rolled around, we probably didn’t even need to eat them as everything else was settling nicely, but we powered on.  The V-Eats roll was an interesting combination of veggies, rice, seaweed, and cream cheese.  Aaron enjoyed the roll, but the cream cheese was a new flavor and consistency that we’ve never had with sushi, and we’re not sure we would order it again.  We would definitely eat it if it showed up, there are just better options in my opinion.

The Mythical Salmon sushi was kind of a mindblower.  When the plate was set down in front of us, all that was missing were the tell-tale white lines that salmon has and we could have been fooled.  We got four nigiri topped with what was a tomato based slice, wrapped up with a seaweed tie.  It was delicious, but weird.  It’s one of those gray areas where, as a vegan, when something reminds you too much of meat it’s almost a turn off and we battled some of those feelings eating this.

Overall, however, we cannot recommend this restaurant enough.  The quality of the food is impeccable, the staff are extremely friendly, and the prices are set well.  If you find yourself in Dallas, or anywhere near it, we highly suggest you stop in for dinner.

Restaurant Information

Name: V-Eats at Trinity Groves
Location: 3011 Gulden Ln #102, Dallas, TX 75212
Price: $$
Cuisine: BBQ
Vegan options: Fully vegan
Dress code: Casual

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