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Rice, Manhattan Beach, California

After leaving Portland and moving to Texas, we were seriously lacking in the sushi department. We had been craving sushi for what seemed like years, so when we arrived in LA, we knew this had to be our first stop. The restaurant is very quaint, so it could get busy during dinner. For lunch, however, there were plenty of empty tables. We tried the tasting menu, which ended up being more cost effective than ordering each item individually. Overall, the food was delicious and we would absolutely come back again!

What We Ordered

Agedashi tofu- Fried tofu w/ mixed mushroom sauce. The tofu chunks were very large, so the appetizer was very filling. While Hayden doesn’t care for mushrooms and just ate the tofu, Aaron thought the mushroom sauce added great flavor and texture to the dish.

Miso soup- Seasonal vegetables with organic white miso. Super delicious with chunky vegetables. Usually, miso soup is just broth with seaweed and some tofu, so the vegetables made this soup stand out.

Edamame – The edamame was warm and salted well. We hate when edamame is served cold!

Cucumber salad- Sliced cucumber with seaweed, kelp noodle, and Yuzu Ponzu sauce. This was more of a seaweed salad than a cucumber salad. It was so fresh! It had great flavor and all the different textures were divine.

Crispy rice with spicy tofu- Spicy tofu topped with avocado and dynamite sauce. This was by far our favorite thing on the menu. The rice was super crispy and the spicy tofu wasn’t too overpowering. The avocado added a nice lightness to the dish.

Mushroom salad- Shimeji mushrooms & tempeh w/ baby spinach and sesame dressing- Aaron has been on a mushroom kick lately and this salad brought exactly what he was looking for. It was a good transition into the upcoming sushi.

Dynamite roll- Tofu & avocado roll with spicy dynamite sauce. It’s hard to go wrong with a dynamite roll. It was rolled really well, the sauce was delicious and left a lingering heat. Beautifully plated and very tasty.

Sorbet- Fresh strawberry sorbet with grapes and mint. This was the perfect end to the meal. It was fresh and crisp and provided a lightness that was needed after the heavy dynamite roll.

Restaurant Information

Name: Rice
Location: 820 Manhattan Ave Ste 105, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Price: $$
Cuisine: Asian
Vegan options: Vegan options
Dress code: Casual

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