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Mizumi, Las Vegas, Nevada

We got all dressed up and decided to hit the town on our first night in Vegas and of course immediately headed to the Wynn for dinner. Having eaten nearly every restaurant we’ve come across in the Wynn and Encore, it was a bit surprising that neither one of us had ever eaten at Mizumi before! We walked in and were seated next to a gorgeous outdoor waterfall, which really illuminated the atmosphere.

What We Ordered

Organic Agedashi Tofu- Vegetable dashi, watermelon radish, ginger, daikon oroshi, nori, green onions. Agedashi tofu is pretty much one and the same no matter where you get it and the big differences come down to the broth, which in this case, gave the tofu some nice flavor. Plus it was a beautiful dish!

Shiitake Mushroom Sushi- Shiitake mushrooms, rice, seaweed. There isn’t too much outside of what you expect with this roll. It’s mushrooms on top of rice wrapped in seaweed. It was good, but I’d probably skip this and save room for other options.

Spicy Tofu Crunch Roll- Firm tofu, kaisomen, avocado, vegan spicy mayo, arare crackers. This roll was by far our favorite of all of them. The combination of the crunch on the outside and the heat from the peppers gives this a unique flavor. We highly recommend this roll.

Vegan Rainbow Roll- Asparagus tempura, roasted bell peppers, avocado, kanpyo. Not a bad roll, but in comparison to the spicy tofu crunch roll it seems blander, but still delicious.

Ishiyaki Bi Bim Bap- Seasoned vegetables, tamaki rice, sesame oil, Korean chili sauce. Normally one of Aaron’s favorite meals, he felt somewhat let down by this dish, especially after he tried a bite of the Gardein Chick’n Soba “Alfredo” dish. When we returned, he elected to skip the Bi Bim Bap and order that instead.

Gardein Chick’n Soba “Alfredo”- English peas, fava beans, shiitake mushrooms, soy-garlic cream sauce. Holy moly was this amazing! You wouldn’t think that alfredo would go well in an Asian restaurant, but the fava beans (which are super similar to edamame) helped to give it an Asian twist. This dish was so good, that we ordered it again our second time.

Overall Mizumi was so good that we decided to come back for a second time when our friends Lindsay and Cam came out to visit us for a weekend. One thing to watch out for is the price of the food. The bill can quickly add up when you start adding in all of the different dishes and a few drinks!

Restaurant Information

Name: Mizumi
Location: 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 (In the Wynn hotel)
Price: $$$$
Cuisine: Thai
Vegan options: Vegan options, ask for the vegan menu
Dress code: Business Casual

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