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Picante Pineapple Pizza

Vegenation, Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegenation is our new favorite hidden vegan gem in Las Vegas. We haven’t really ventured too far off the strip in the past, but since we were staying North of the strip, this restaurant was right on the way home as it is a couple blocks from Downtown / Fremont Street. It has a great atmosphere, with an awesome green / living wall and some great art on the walls. We walked in and were able to be seated right away and the staff were all super friendly.

We definitely recommend Vegenation as it is a great combination of good food and good prices. We ate here and picked up food at least 3 or 4 times while we were in Las Vegas. Definitely don’t miss this spot!

What we ordered

Buffalo Cauliflower Wings- Homemade hot & spicy buffalo sauce covered cauliflower with a side of ranch dressing. If you’ve been keeping up with our adventures, you know that buffalo anything is a guaranteed order. These are some of the best buffalo cauliflower wings we’ve had and could easily be in our top 3 so far. The breading on these were damn near perfect and the sauce was a great flavor, but mild, buffalo sauce. Something that Hayden definitely appreciates! The ranch was super thin and watery but had good flavor. Pro tip: eat these fresh as they do not reheat well.

Picante pineapple pizza- Pineapple, jalapenos, and Italian sausage crumble. Aaron did not like the pineapple portion of this pizza but found a new love in the jalapeno and Italian sausage crumble combo to the point where we ate this two more times. We believe it is using the Follow Your Heart cheese which paired extremely well with the flavors on this. Aaron prefers this with no pineapple and Hayden prefers it with no jalapenos.

Chicken Pot Pie Gnocchi- Homemade cream sauce, chicken, peas & mushrooms with a local herb blend. Holy moly is this good! This dish was devoured in almost record time and had us scraping the bottom of the bowl with our spoons. This is highly recommended!

Brownie Sundae- Vanilla and chocolate ice cream, caramelized banana, brownie, assorted berries. This was a pretty good combination of flavors but the berries can introduce a bitterness which overpowered some of the sweetness to the dessert. The banana was great and the brownie perfectly complemented the vanilla and chocolate ice cream.

Brownie Sundae

Carrot cake- Raw cashew with lemon frosting. This was, unfortunately, a severe let down especially since carrot cake is Hayden’s go to dessert. It felt as if the base of this was ground up canned carrot that had an unpleasant texture to it. Granted it was more on the raw side, so it was good in that way, but just wasn’t to our liking.

Restaurant information

Name: Vegenation
Location: 616 Carson Ave #120, Las Vegas, NV 89101
Price: $
Cuisine: American Italian
Vegan options: Fully vegan
Dress code: Casual

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